Our media, The Joke of the Century:

Pakistan media regulatory Authority placed a ban on Indian television, saying their Dramas and not according to our cultural merits. Almost all television are airing Indian dramas, and KTN (Kavish Television Network) is showing Indian dramas dubbed in Sindhi…

I Was talking to a senior artist lately, I wouldn’t name the artist, but this is what he said:
I was presented a radio by COKE, so we were listening to some music when a friend of mine said to me “hey listen to this song, it’s by Ali Azmat” I said What is he saying, he replied ” I don’t know, but the song in good” … How could any one enjoy something he can’t even understand.

On Aag TV (Papu Yar)

Questioned asked by a RJ in audience: what have you done for youth, what message your music carried for the youth.

The Singer Replies: What does our youth know ?

My thought: it’s not the audience (youth in this case) which is stupid, It’s you.

Audience asked Noori: We bought your concert tickets and gave you money but your concert was total disappointment, what did you gave us back fro our money ?

Norri replies: I promises you, we will practice everyday and will do better next time.

My Note: so he is actually admitting he sucks…

Conclusion :
our pop music has already lost it’s popularity, soon, it wont be popular at all.

people got bored with “the bold and the beautiful” and “Santa Barbra” although they were good soap opera, in wont be long that we will be bored with The indian and Indian style stupid dramas.

Our advertisements don’t have that edge, that creative tingle, that shining gold lining over the black, they are heavily relaying on cheesy imagery, they will soon fall out of their golden moment as the target market has learned to quickly flick the channel.

Stop Commercializing Art, it can’t be done and if tried it kills the flavor of the food.

Last Thought:
I know these Morons won’t listen.

Our media, The Joke of the Century:

Jigsaw puzzle.

Fragments in different shades of blue, red and indigo all in place and some piled up in a messy dump announcing the color scheme of our lives. but this single yellow which refuses to fit into any place for it’s odd size and for the color which contrasts with the rest of all has left me puzzled. Maybe there is cobalt in it which with some acid or base will turn to either blue or red, or maybe it will become a part of the puzzle when it will further developed to form a complete picture. I am clueless, I had seen always pictured my puzzle in blues, reds and indigos but Yellow ?, I had never imagined this color as a part of my life, never. Peaces can be carved, their colors can be changed may be time will transform this yellow crocked one too, into the harmony of the rest of the jigsaw.

Jigsaw puzzle.

Who is Jamash ?

My life has been as twisted as a Jalaibee, as crazy as bamboo plants, growing out of proportions and out of my own hand. My uncle is here living in our house, for him Ghazals are crappy music and a magnet holder made out of a toothpaste box attached to the wall of the fridge with a magnet is insane, he hates the Lipton advertisement hanging on our fridge door, thinks taking pictures of flowers and items he would rather sell to the “Teen Dabbay Wala” is stupid, he thinks I would somehow be interested in silly star plus dramas or Indian movies will somewhat inspire me, in short he genuinely doubts my sanity.. I never believed a procedure such as brainwashing ever existed, but now my faith is changing, I know the environment of NewKarachi has literally brain washed him washing off all the traces of the education he has inherited from his parents or had gained in school. I guess it will take some time to squeeze all the bad germs out of his brain, he still has this family legacy of giving a damn to the material world, but unlike his father(My Grand father “Nana”) snobs shrinks him a few inches short, in a contrast they make me bigger a few inches, the same was the case with my grand father, an elegant man he was who loved to kick snobs on their but, sending them off to hell. Being a tailor by profession and spending almost 80% of his life here in Pakistan living in a small cottage, my grand father refused to claim his property he had left in India, thanking for he had Pakistan he said ” We have got Pakistan what more do we need”. He raised his sons and his daughter, taught them all and gave them all the Moral education they deserved and any father could have given to his offspring’s. My mom his daughter he was most proud of turned out to be the brightest, she wrote for women’s rights, she pointed out the odds in our society and wrote so well that her articles were admired by leading writers of the time, I don’t know why she never gets them published. My mom gave up writing for me, her family and for humanity, the word humanity is something I rather not explain but it is stands in her life in bold letters, she gave up her identity for mine and I am what ever a freak I am because of her, I see life in minute details and I see things in abstracts which have deeper meanings then the surface of life shows, all thanks to my mother.

I don’t know how this whole topic went around a complete circle beginning on me and ending on my life. Am I self obsessed ? Have I lost it completely ? Am I a freak or a crazy art freak ? I am a good person or a moron ? The questions remain unanswered, I don’t know who or what the I am a complicated person wrapped in layers, and totally confused with his own personality, I am Jamash, a person in quest of understanding one’s own self. Who is Jamash ? The question remained unanswered.

Who is Jamash ?

Where is the quality ?

I fail to understand the logic behind that still face starring back at me from the background while the recap runs in a small inset, wouldn’t it be better to have a full screen recap instead….. Rang TV had been airing everything without any respect for quality, once a presenter after interviewing Rabia Zubairy of Karachi School of art ended the program by laying down on the floor and saying ” I am in such condition because of the students of Karachi school of Art”. I wonder if he was beaten up by the students and if not he surely deserved to be.

Where is the quality ?

Hate this :( .

Yesterday I had the most wonderful time at the bolggers convention, I left from there at about 4 pm in my cab to Gulshan-e-Iqbal, I had a few more things to take care of on my way, so I reached home at 6 pm and had to rush back to Clifton in the same cab with a coffee cup in my hand when I finally reached home it was 10 pm and I was feeling nausea, I quickly made a post at KMB and as my Cousin who is a Doctor is off to Haj I went to this new Doctor who gave a pill which helped me sleep, I woke up at 9 in the morning today feeling even more miserable. My whole body was itching yet I had to drive mom to my cousins place which is where I slept for another 2 hours And than after a cup of coffee drove mom back to home..

I had a wedding to attend today but nether my body nor brains are up to the task, I had been in bed watching Tv and yet my shoulders are killing me. I need to get some rest.

Hate this :( .