Where is the quality ?

I fail to understand the logic behind that still face starring back at me from the background while the recap runs in a small inset, wouldn’t it be better to have a full screen recap instead….. Rang TV had been airing everything without any respect for quality, once a presenter after interviewing Rabia Zubairy of Karachi School of art ended the program by laying down on the floor and saying ” I am in such condition because of the students of Karachi school of Art”. I wonder if he was beaten up by the students and if not he surely deserved to be.

Where is the quality ?

One thought on “Where is the quality ?

  1. Adil Mulki says:

    Hi Jamal,
    ive been following ure blogs at karachi metblogs for some time on an irregular basis. at times i get some stuff that u might be interested in. (news, articles, pics etc.). some of this stuff is very important from public service / humanitarian point of view. id be really obliged if u could gimme an email address to send such stuff at.
    my email address is:
    if u choose to provide an email address, kindly send a mail at the above address. ( i might miss it if u post it on blogs).
    (by the way i dont intend to flood send spams/ or flood ure box wid irrelevant stuff, so u can relax).

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