Jigsaw puzzle.

Fragments in different shades of blue, red and indigo all in place and some piled up in a messy dump announcing the color scheme of our lives. but this single yellow which refuses to fit into any place for it’s odd size and for the color which contrasts with the rest of all has left me puzzled. Maybe there is cobalt in it which with some acid or base will turn to either blue or red, or maybe it will become a part of the puzzle when it will further developed to form a complete picture. I am clueless, I had seen always pictured my puzzle in blues, reds and indigos but Yellow ?, I had never imagined this color as a part of my life, never. Peaces can be carved, their colors can be changed may be time will transform this yellow crocked one too, into the harmony of the rest of the jigsaw.

Jigsaw puzzle.

5 thoughts on “Jigsaw puzzle.

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