Our media, The Joke of the Century:

Pakistan media regulatory Authority placed a ban on Indian television, saying their Dramas and not according to our cultural merits. Almost all television are airing Indian dramas, and KTN (Kavish Television Network) is showing Indian dramas dubbed in Sindhi…

I Was talking to a senior artist lately, I wouldn’t name the artist, but this is what he said:
I was presented a radio by COKE, so we were listening to some music when a friend of mine said to me “hey listen to this song, it’s by Ali Azmat” I said What is he saying, he replied ” I don’t know, but the song in good” … How could any one enjoy something he can’t even understand.

On Aag TV (Papu Yar)

Questioned asked by a RJ in audience: what have you done for youth, what message your music carried for the youth.

The Singer Replies: What does our youth know ?

My thought: it’s not the audience (youth in this case) which is stupid, It’s you.

Audience asked Noori: We bought your concert tickets and gave you money but your concert was total disappointment, what did you gave us back fro our money ?

Norri replies: I promises you, we will practice everyday and will do better next time.

My Note: so he is actually admitting he sucks…

Conclusion :
our pop music has already lost it’s popularity, soon, it wont be popular at all.

people got bored with “the bold and the beautiful” and “Santa Barbra” although they were good soap opera, in wont be long that we will be bored with The indian and Indian style stupid dramas.

Our advertisements don’t have that edge, that creative tingle, that shining gold lining over the black, they are heavily relaying on cheesy imagery, they will soon fall out of their golden moment as the target market has learned to quickly flick the channel.

Stop Commercializing Art, it can’t be done and if tried it kills the flavor of the food.

Last Thought:
I know these Morons won’t listen.

Our media, The Joke of the Century:

2 thoughts on “Our media, The Joke of the Century:

  1. Whoa.. did Noori actually promised all of that!!!

    I hate it when our culture is being put in the bin and the cap is also put on it.. sighs..

    we had DSF here.. when we went, all I wanted to see was the Pakistani pavilion.. you won’t blv it.. none of the pop. designers were here.. and they were selling one masala packet for 250 dirhams.. heck.. can u blv it??? but they didnt bring out the quality brands, brands that’d promote Pakistan.. it was very soona soona..

  2. yeah He did that on Aag Tv’s Show “Papoo Yaar” and One of the famous Karachi Blogger (and RJ) was also on the show to witness Noori’s testimony 😛 .

    …… Sadly 80% of our pop singers can’t sing live. That;s why i hate pop music.

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