What ??!?

There is darkness all around, no one to reach for, I am frightened, scared I want to cry, want to break through the thick walls of this cave but I am stuck. And when ever I find a hand to grab on it turns out to be a demon which haunts me for ages and when it disappears in the dark I feel almost glad but then I again reach out only to find yet another hand to grab on, and demon it turns out to be, again. It’s dark and humid, there is moss on the walls, not a flower not a rose, tulip nor a daffodil not anything but dark black moss. When will I learn to walk alone, when will I get accustomed to this dark, when will my eyes adjust and when will I be able to break through these dark wall. But when I will the world outside will also be filled with demons and monsters, I know they are there, many in numbers who are hungry for the virgin blood, hungry for the pure of sole. They are waiting for me to break out so they can quench their thirst, I know I need to build strong before I find the door out so I could fight the monsters and demons and make this world wonderful and bright.

*Sigh* Daydream just another one of my dumb, stupid daydreams

What ??!?

2 thoughts on “What ??!?

  1. what scary day dreams u dream!!!

    well.. know what.. once our mind accepts to walk in the dark, slowly u begin to see..
    btw, the world has always been dark.. its us who have to be jugnoos and shamas.. 🙂

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