The Old Moron.

He is in his mid 70s, the owner of G General store near my house. This general store has been there for quite some time, but I always used to avoid this general stole for their unfair dealings, but as the other store nearby had closed down I started frequenting this store for small purchases. A few days back I went to “G” store to get a pack of ice-cream, it was 9 pm and the shop had no other customers, it is when the old freak, told me that he has something which would be very use full for me, he told me he had bought it specially for me, when I entered the shop I found him pointing to a carton of tampons, “Ooh !” was all I could utter. Finding me surprised he quickly said “It will be very use full at your home” for which I quickly replied, ” Take them all to your home and your daughters will be really happy” but I think he didn’t get it as I had sadly said it all in English. The next day I went to this shop again, It was around noon, I wanted a loaf of bread, It is when the Horny Old Basted grabbed a pack of contraceptives in his hand while making a head movement towards the girl standing next to me, it is when I lost my temper, instantly I made an about turn saying out loud “Shove it up yours …. “, I briefly looked back, The old man was only laughing.

I have decided never to visit the G Store again, but If I ever do, it will only be to castrate the old man out of his misery.

The Old Moron.

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