The Past Few Days.

The past few days of my life were spent fixing the DVD writer which destroyed 10 DVDz before going back to the computer shop for a replacement, after which the phone line went dead for two days, when I inspected the telephone line a break was found, which I fixed and the phone was back to life, but by then we had already made some calls to the SDO and other official which resulted in several visits by line men who each claimed to have repaired the line from the main DP, exchange or the pole.
Today I started Googleing for the brothels In Karachi, the results are more disturbing then I had imagined. It looks like, in Karachi there is a brothel in every area which is controlled by the pimps. I wanted to contact the lady ring leader called Naika who rents the girls to these pimps, but in Karachi there is no red light area, to reach to one of these Naikas we will have to persuade the pimps and once we tell them that our intentions are to give a few children of the brothel a chance to break away from the system, there is no way they are going to let us in. In Lahore we can directly go to a Red Light area and talk to one of these Naikas but here in Karachi finding a brothel will be like searching for needles in a haystack.

Right now all I can only curse those who destroyed the Napier Road’s red Light area to add to all the problems we are facing today.

I almost had a fight with someone I know, I asked him to join me to help the kids of the brothels in Karachi, which is when he said ” those women are sluts and their children are bastards” which is when I lost my temper and after abusing him as generously I as could I hung up the phone on him, I am sure he was saying something but I couldn’t hear a word. The incident made me realize that I have become a “grenade with half pin out” when it comes to feminism , or humanitarianism.

I am totally brain drained now, have lost any sense of composition or grammar, the keyboard is looking like a box of alphabetic marshmallows, in short I am too tired for anything. But I needed to vent all there was in me, I had to share this all with someone so I had to blog this.

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The Past Few Days.

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