Civilized, Are we ?

The evening after the recent rain spell a lady in her Civic drove past me at high speed splashing mud all over me. She was stopped by a stalled bus momentarily, so I caught up on her, I was outraged, I knocked at her window, the glass smoothly came down, I instantly said ” Don’t you have eyes?, Look what you have done” She replied in an angry voice ” what can I do if there is water on the road”, I replied “Maim don’t you think you are suppose to slow down while driving through mud, specially when there are motorcyclists or pedestrians by your side, but that would require some manners” I turned around and walked away from her, at times like these I become bitter besides being soaked in smelly mud is not something anyone would enjoy.

Yesterday, at around 9 I decided to get my self a subway tuna sub, My uncle told me to get a cake from the Dhaka, I was dressed in a jeans and a discolored T-shirt, obviously I didn’t change and went straight away to the subway where their staff gave me a weird look, but I didn’t care, I got my sandwich done with extra olives and went to Dhaka, At Dhaka sweet I asked one of the worker to pack for me the two pound chocolate cake, instead of getting the cake out of the fridge he replied “Yeah 220 Ka hai” in a sarcastic manner, I was really pissed off at his reaction so I replied “Am not asking you to read the price tag for me, just get the God Damn Cake out of there and pack it for me, Okey !! ?”. My shouting attracted the manager, he apologized me and told his employ to start behaving with the customers.

Actually it was not his fault, our society has learned that a person’s real honor is her/his appearance, we have been treating people in dirty clothes like verminous creature, we are not familiar with the idea of an educated person sweeping his own house, we don’t see many well to do (so called) decent people paint their house or fix their car. For us a man in a worn-out outfits had to be a jahil kangla, But for me it is always fun to get people by surprise :), but this fun ends the moment I realize that our society had a lot to learn and has yet to become civilized.

People who say “clothes makes a man” must be thinking what a freak I am. But I cant help my self, this is who I am, this is my identity this is what sets me apart from the crowd. I am a freak, a feminist, a revolutionist a person who is a complete jerk, with not one but many screws loose up there 🙂 .

Civilized, Are we ?

4 thoughts on “Civilized, Are we ?

  1. I can understand what you have written about in this post but I think you are not as great a revolutionist as you think. A Pakistani’s natural reaction to being attacked or confronted is to go on the attack regardless of whether they are right or wrong. The lady driver did just that when you confronted her and you also did that when you faced the sarcasm of the sweet shop employee. So I think that would make you a typical Pakistani 😉 .

  2. I guess you are right :), but there is a fuse in me which sometimes never goes off like a few days back I was sitting in a café and the waiter spilled my coffee all over the table, but I knew it was not his fault and every one make mistakes, I didn’t say a word, instead I told him it’s ok. but at times when I see that a person’s action is not only hurting me but its influencing the whole society in a bad way, I feel pissed off and the fuse in me goes off and I come out bitter :s .

  3. hmm.. its not just karachi, or pakistan that is like this.. everywhere in the wide world..ppl think branded stuff makes u respectable, ur t shirt might be discoloured, but as long is it is clean, its okay..

    we have been advised to wear clean clothes.. not necessarily new clothes..

  4. people think that common courtesies are obligations and thus a wastage of time. Years back, i miscalculated the depth of a water pool and ended up splashing mud in a guy. Then i pulled up my car, apologized, and then i also ended up droping him back to his house (idiotic)
    Well the dhaka people r somewot snobbish.

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