I Hate These Mobiles.

I really hate it when I see people walking to-and-fro across halls, cafes or Or restaurants while talking on their mobile, or when they drive while on a mobile phone or even worst is when during a live play someone’s mobile phone rings breaking the whole momentum of the theater. These mobile phones ring at the oddest moment, and it’s never the fault of your cell phone but only yours, for even when it is announced for you as a request to switch those damn things off, you don’t.

Often people look at my Samsung X100 and ask me to get rid of the old thing, I don’t know but they think I should have an expensive mobile with me, at least something with a camera. Some have even told me that I look cheep with an old mobile phone… I don’t know what’s with these people, I like my X100 because it’s working fine, I am not afraid to use it on streets and I like the looks of it. (Actually to make it look even more worn out I have places a sticker on it’s back :P). I don’t want to keep a delicate shiny phone, I want an old rugged one, something which could reflect my causal style. Yeah these people think I have lost my brains, 🙂 but let them be happy in their own mind set, I hope they change but I wont change my self for them.

I guess it is true that mobile phones have become a society symbol in Karachi, people who are living in an inferiority want to make them selves look good, worthy of a certain class, they wear good clothes, carry expensive mobiles and try using as much English as they can in their conversations. They try to get an appearance on Television, they dream of becoming models, but none of them actually try to become more civilized.

I Hate These Mobiles.

2 thoughts on “I Hate These Mobiles.

  1. u wont blv it.. i own a nokia 2300.. :)and i m proud.. hehe.. i personally dont blv that owning a high class fone gives u more respect..

    lol.. i m still lauhghing on that sticker joke.. 😛

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