That’s what kept me busy.

It’s been a year since I have been searching for a good radio clock in the market. Around 10 months back I spotted one at the Naheed store, it was a Philips Product with a 1200 Rupee price tag but when I tried to buy it they told me that it has a manufacturing defect, since then when ever I visit Naheed I asked the sales men for the radio clock and they always told me the same story.

Yesterday I was venturing in Tuesday Bazar, when at the flee market (Juna market or Lunda Bazar) section I spotted this stall which had several of these Radio clocks. Being a Lunda Bazar freak I bought one for only Rs.200, it was a gamble the radio clock I bought could be junk for all I knew after all it was a second hand Radio clock. Any ways I brought it home and plugged it in and it is working fine since then, better then any thing, the radio, the alarm, the buttons everything is working just perfect.. I am glad I found a good Sanyo Radio clock at throwaway price 🙂 .

Now today I again went to yet another Wednesday Bazar and I bought a few rugs from there. At Rs.50 each the rugs are great but just a bit dirty which the dry cleaner was supposed to take care of but I decided to wash just one of them today. I smuggled one (flower shaped) of the rugs into the bathroom which is where I filled the a small tub with water and pored in 3 cups of detergent. I mixed the water and detergent into a fine blend of liquid soap and poured about a litre of the liquid over the rug along with some fresh water from the tap. I rubbed the rug with a big brush till a thick white lather completely covered the rug I treated the other side with the same method now when I pour water to clean off the soap, the whole bathroom started to foam up. There was an eight inch high mountain of froth over the drain and a two inch high layer over the whole bathroom floor, It Looked like I was sitting in a cup of cappuccino. It took me an hour to wash off all the soap from the rug, I used the hand shower as an anti foaming tool. I am glad mom was sleeping through my secret mission but she was surprised when she found out that there was no more detergent left in the house anymore 😉 ..

It took me 3 days to clean up my messy Room, and today I used my left over energy over that rug…

Right now I am tired like hell, My whole body is aching and I am ready to retire on that bed to wake up tomorrow to the call of my Sweet radio clock.

That’s what kept me busy.

6 thoughts on “That’s what kept me busy.

  1. Dhaka People are a bit snobbish, but who cares , let them pitch their hissy fit 😛
    When I was getting my car repaired some months back, I had several lunches at Subway with dirty cloths and they never cared :), yeah I still often visit them but not in dirty cloths of course… 🙂

  2. i want a radio clock too :$ mine’s not working.. i keep on meaning to get it fixed… but somehow, it eludes me :S

    get one for me the next time ur there okay! :p

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