who knows Who/what I am ?

I am a cocooned person, I don’t know if I will bloom into a butterfly or will end up giving off silk, but at least I am of some use.

In 1999 I won a web designing “Azadi” competition held by dawn, after which I joined Infotrain and ended up designing several demonstrations and web sited for them. I made many websites for Agha and so many people and most of them paid me no more then 500 for the whole thing.

I started up Redwaves Solution but my partner turned out to be crazy, I had worked really hard with Direct web, a project which was bound to make millions but sadly a badly marketed project sank to the bottom of the sea

By this time I was totally really dishearted so I started up blogging, painting and photography. It was more self satisfying, and now I am on a path of self discovery.

I am a blogger, photographer, painter, Art freak, feminist, a web designer, a social worker……. and when people ask me ” what do u do ? ” a simple question becomes the most complicated then ever to answer. I surely don’t know who I am ? What I am ? I don’t even know if I am good or bad ? I really don’t know my self I am a confusing person, who is confused him self. *Sigh* who knows what or who I am….

who knows Who/what I am ?

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