Dark, Humid and Scary.

Being antisocial is killing me, today I went out after ages. I felt too shelled, too shy and too nerve racked .. *Sigh* the depression is mounting, the stress level is too high, it’s killing me, and the pink tab is making is worst.

Remember the jigsaw of my life, the odd crocked peace is disturbing the whole color pallet of the jigsaw, its curves don’t fit, it’s colors don’t match and we are trying to press it, squeeze it in one place or the other.

It is like I have completely stopped moving and the whole world is moving at light speed all around me. It’s scary to realize that you are surrounded by only back stabbers and every other hand you will shake will only burns your heart.

This is what it has been like these days, dark, humid and scary.

Dark, Humid and Scary.

3 thoughts on “Dark, Humid and Scary.

  1. hey.. is life dark coz of power breakdowns, load shedding?????????

    ok, that was a joke to cheer u up!!
    speakin seriously, the world is/has been/might be/can be/will be always full of back stabbers..

    if we are good, we feel everyone shud be good.. thank God for urself beign good.. its not like hum achhay tou sab achhay!!

    we hav 2 learn 2 liv wid dat..

  2. Lolzz!! yeah load shedding is indeed playing it’s part 🙂

    Sometimes I really shatter into tiny fragments, It helps me rebuild my self even more stronger but the rebuilding process takes time :(…….. I have yet to realize what a mess this world is :(, but I know it’s not hopelessly bad :).

  3. even if it is hopelessly bad, u still have to mingle, carry on the mundane business of life. Cloistered virtue doesnt do any one any good. In an odd way seeing how other people behave in differnt circumstances against their upbrining , against their values can make u reaffirm ur beliefs that no matter what happens, i dont wnat to become like that particualr person… then this puts a check on ur behaviour.

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