Swimming Against The Current

It takes courage to swim against the currents and I have been doing exactly that throughout my life.

Being a feminist since I was about twelve, I never left my chair for a girl, I always apposed the idea of a separate line for ladies and hated the term “Ladies first” for me they are all ways to impose the idea that ladies are weaklings. In School I gave a hard time to my english teachers by always using “her/his” instead of “his/her” and “She/he” instead of “he/she”, I always avoided using “He” for human race and I never used the word “mankind”, actually I used to alter it with “Human beings” , “Human” or “human race” which really used to piss off my teachers. Besides being a crazy feminist I have always been a revolutionist, a non materialistic person, an art freak and a Ghazal lover.

There is very little in common among any of my friends or my cousins because none of them are as insane as I am. Being the only child of my parents and being so crazy that I don’t see almost anything from a normal point of view pushes me into a space where I am all alone.

Sometimes this swim against the currents breaks me into countless tiny fragments. I takes time to pull pack each and every fragment together and continue the swim again. I have learned to swim only against the currents and don’t know how to other wise. When I see every single person around me going in one direction and me in the absolute opposite I feel so lost but in this journey I do find a person or two, who are of course better and more stronger then me going more swiftly against the strong currents. I am not as skilled as they are and am not as strong at least not yet.

Swimming Against The Current

3 thoughts on “Swimming Against The Current

  1. i would disagree here…“Ladies first” isnt always a sign of opression, it can be of chivalry…manners, courtesies – which are lacking in today’s chuvanists….it’s nice when someone whom u dont know holds the door open for you, gives u way to pass….

  2. constantly swimming against the current will tire you easily. but if thats the only thing that feels natural, then keep going at it.

    and i hated the term “ladies first” as well. i wouldn’t say i am a complete feminist, i am a feminist but i am also a feminist-by-convenience. on a personal note i feel very strongly that woman-kind is much more stronger then man-kind.

    now, i shall go through the rest of your posts 🙂

  3. “ladies first”, “saying to a lady: Please take my seat”, holding the door ajar for a lady all are taught us as good manners in our society, the patriarchic society…

    These manners are devised to make a women feel that she is weak and need’s a man’s caring … A lady might feel good to see someone caring for her when someone holds the door ajar for her but in fact the act is just flattery Because if you give a few bangles to that very guy who is holding the door open for you he will instantly feel insulted ….

    Yeah, swimming against the currents and being really antisocial are two things which kills me slowly, but they also make me even more stronger everyday….

    I will get over the worn-out feeling, and I will get over this shyness, but for that I need to built my self stronger, by breaking into tiny bits and reassembling every bit of it back into a stronger being..

    Do leave comments on my other scribblings too 🙂 ..

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