When does a woman die ?

When does a woman die ?

She dies the day she is born, and her parents give her a cold welcome to this world

She dies the day she reaches puberty and is forced to be confined in the bounds of her house

She dies when she is married to a man she hardly knows.

She dies when she gives birth to an other girl.

She dies when her husband dies, and she is forced to wear nothing but white and her bangles are shattered.

And how about men ?

OOh! He is born a Man and dies a Man.

When does a woman die ?

Brain Drained, Me.

Exams are getting the better of me, I am totally brain drained. Reading the Universal Notes which make no real sense is a night mare. And to add to all the miseries Karachi University had not given us any syllabus to prepare for the exams. I have been searching wikipedia for answers of the past papers but that too is of little use because the there have been changes in the curriculum last year and I many questions are from the old curriculum.

To cut this long story short, I am studying aimlessly so that I will have something to fill up those answer sheets, I know this year too I will fail and I know I am totally wasting my time. But still I have to give it a shot.

On the 10th July, after giving my last paper, I will be free. The first place I will go after that will be the flee market to hunt for treasure. Later that night I will complete my painting which had been hanging their to dry out. This is the first time I have used butter and pallet knife along with brush to paint. I also have to work out on figure drawings, have to put those Photos of mine on sale. And there is so much more to do…. My life seems so short when I think of all the things I want to do and learn……

Brain Drained, Me.


On a famous Fm radio station a few days back during a late night show hosted by the famous “F” a caller called from some village in Punjab. He was calling from under the Mobile transition tower to get the maximum signals but because he was a villager he couldn’t speech English or Urdu but still we could understand him. For some odd reason the host started to pretend that he could not hear the callers voice, the caller at first thought the RJ was joking, but when the pretending game continued he quietly hung up or maybe “F” disconnected him.

The caller was actually paying his hard earned money by calling a 0900- number, the caller was not abusive or obscene, he was just the voice of our major population. He was not educated, was not an elite or a rich man but he was a radio listener, a fan of the show. He should have been given the respect he deserved.

But really some radio channels are just for a few educated English speaking, society conscious, civilized people of the city who do not want to acknowledge that in our country more than 70% of the people live below the poverty line. Such a radio station cant afford have a paindo,s Voice on air, it’s worst than airing abusive language, actually English songs with abusive words are a popular pick on such Fm Stations, But Punjabi Speaking Paindo will really give the better half of the country a heart attack.

In our Country people who live below the poverty line should not be allowed to raise their voice, they should not at be allowed to call a radio station, they should never be shown on any television station and their issues shall never be discussed.. Yeah that will really make them disappear.

Ooh! What ?

You Morons!! These underprivileged verminous creatures, you don’t want to see the faces of are the ones who are feeding you, they are the tax payers, the farmers, the workers and the labors who work hard to keep this country moving. They the major part of our population. They are the real people of the country you live in. If you cant give respect to these underprivileged people of our country, get the Fuck out of my country.



I hate exams, I hate the way they isolate me. Being alone with boring books and notes that make little sense and preparing without any clue of the syllabus really gets me.

I have been depressed, gloomy, sad and bored and out of this very boredom and also due to the fact that my hairdresser is out of town I decided to be creative with my own head. Yeah I picked up the electric hair trimmer and started giving my self a hair cut. I stopped only when I realized that if I continue any further I will look worst than a bear attack victim. My head is looking like a pot of grass right now, it’s just not green but it is as uneven and crooked as it could be, which means the next time you spot a guy with a really bad haircut sipping coffee you will be sure it’s me.

With all the boredom, depression and the weirdest haircut in the world I have realized something that in this world good friends who you can rely upon are imposable to find it’s time I accept the fact that friends only exist in fairytales.

Ooh my I plan to be at t2f on 5th, I guess I will have to adopt the Ali Azmat hairdo, which will put my barber out of commission for a life time, and all the money I save on haircuts can be spent on Books…. *Yawn*

I have started to get bored again….. Does anyone want a free hair cut…. Complete abstractions in style guarantied 🙂 …

NOTE: The above post proves that my brain has gone on a vacation to Bahamas.