I hate exams, I hate the way they isolate me. Being alone with boring books and notes that make little sense and preparing without any clue of the syllabus really gets me.

I have been depressed, gloomy, sad and bored and out of this very boredom and also due to the fact that my hairdresser is out of town I decided to be creative with my own head. Yeah I picked up the electric hair trimmer and started giving my self a hair cut. I stopped only when I realized that if I continue any further I will look worst than a bear attack victim. My head is looking like a pot of grass right now, it’s just not green but it is as uneven and crooked as it could be, which means the next time you spot a guy with a really bad haircut sipping coffee you will be sure it’s me.

With all the boredom, depression and the weirdest haircut in the world I have realized something that in this world good friends who you can rely upon are imposable to find it’s time I accept the fact that friends only exist in fairytales.

Ooh my I plan to be at t2f on 5th, I guess I will have to adopt the Ali Azmat hairdo, which will put my barber out of commission for a life time, and all the money I save on haircuts can be spent on Books…. *Yawn*

I have started to get bored again….. Does anyone want a free hair cut…. Complete abstractions in style guarantied 🙂 …

NOTE: The above post proves that my brain has gone on a vacation to Bahamas.


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