When does a woman die ?

When does a woman die ?

She dies the day she is born, and her parents give her a cold welcome to this world

She dies the day she reaches puberty and is forced to be confined in the bounds of her house

She dies when she is married to a man she hardly knows.

She dies when she gives birth to an other girl.

She dies when her husband dies, and she is forced to wear nothing but white and her bangles are shattered.

And how about men ?

OOh! He is born a Man and dies a Man.

When does a woman die ?

7 thoughts on “When does a woman die ?

  1. .

    sad but true.
    the sadder thing is that this is still true the world over. feminism has achieved little other than the dubious benefits of political correctness.

    i would have said, at the end,
    and how about a man?
    he is born a boy and dies a boy
    (a woman is always a woman)

    or else that We thought she’d be happy


  2. Farah says:

    Neither true nor an accurate picture of women. The day she is born a window in heaven opens for the household she is born in. The day of eid or any such special day her father looks forward to see her in the morning with her bright clothes and brightly lit smile that makes sunshine look sallow. The day she gives birth Allah places heaven beneath her feet…. Now that is woman my mother is and that is who she has brought me up to be and that is exactly what both of my daughters believe a woman to be!!!

  3. kashifalvi says:

    Farah is right from the beginning to the end….i totally agree with her. anyways could Jamash tell me what indian movie he / she watched…?? and if your a she ….did you go through all this when you ever born, that you have enough time to sit on the internet and blog about it…..??

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