Sick, Drugged and Confused. The Stupid Me.

Sometimes I think I expect a bit too much from life, from people and from relatives, they are my cousins but they are certainly not my siblings but I don’t know why I felt a betrayed when this morning I found out that they have gone out for a picnic, I mean they are brothers and sisters, all married with kids I don’t quite fit among them even if they decide to drag in an outsider into their casual family picnic. I don’t know why I don’t understand that being a first cousin is not similar to being a brother and may be this the very reason they keep almost every outing plan a secret from us.

For me family is a term which includes cousins, uncles and aunties but it turned out that for that for every other who was in my (our) “family circle” the term family was limited to parents, siblings and their own children. God I need to get a life, I don’t even know what the word family means, I am a weird person who has a lot to learn from this so perfectly functional world or may be it’s vice versa.

*Sigh* It’s all too confusing for the stupid little me, or may be it’s the sedative antiallergic drugs which are making simple things sound so horribly confusing…

Gloomy, confused and totally drugged, sitting in front of my computer I wonder since when I started to care about what they thought or did? Or is it so that I never stopped ? …

Sick, Drugged and Confused. The Stupid Me.

4 thoughts on “Sick, Drugged and Confused. The Stupid Me.

  1. oh gosh reminds me of my relatives……happens, it’s bad of them to do this to u….this is a side effect of the nuclear family system. i would recommend wot Phil has said….u seriously r better off without such relatives……

  2. kashifalvi says:

    well with me its the opposite, i have kept away from my relatives ….and i get to heard weird stuff about me all the time from my sisters….i think i m better of hearing things then being ditched 😉

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