Dolls by Artist Kari Byron

I was searching for myth busters on the web and landed on this website displaying wonderful dolls designed by no other than kari byron herself.

Her collection includes a series of dolls titled politicians, and they way she had portrayed politicians holding long scrolls of speeches and with ugly faces and wires and spikes growing all over them to hurt any one who comes too near is absolutely amassing and reminds me of the politicians of my own country.

The other collections of her dolls titled “Stray Dolls” showcases a doll dark in completion, in a humble dress with a red heart on it representing love, and a sweet face. The other one in the same collection is a doll with a broken hand again a simple dress with a heart on it and a sweet face. And the third one too with same characteristics. they are a representation of people who may be considered stray b yteh society, but they have love and humanity in their hearts and they have a sweet face too, but they are often ignored.

Her art work on the website left me totally inspired and I thought I must share it with you, there are many more beautiful dolls and a couple of boxes too..

Do visit [ ] and you will love her artwork.

Dolls by Artist Kari Byron

3 thoughts on “Dolls by Artist Kari Byron

  1. Brian Dillon says:

    Wow I checked them out, it changed my perspective entirely. I used to make clay dolls, I would then distort their faces or squash their heads, I copped a lot of flak over it & never made them again. I like her stuff a lot, Iv read that she no longer exhibits her work, that is a shame.

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