The Disgusting Behavior Of A Man.

Not more than a month ago my cousin’s wife died of cancer. She left behind three daughters (Age 23, 20, 17) and a son (about 12) and a husband (We will call him “Jay”). Her daughters moderately educated and the son still in school are still all too young to take any decisions of life but their father a fifty year old man indeed is old and wise enough.

Today a few hours from now Jay came to our house, he said he wanted to take an advice but instead he announced that he wants to get married with a 36 year old woman. He told my parents it was his Islamic right to marry and he cares not about what people would think of him. My mother said that he should give it some time but he replied that his daughters are already with him in his decision to get married and later he might not get a chance to marry such a great and educated women who even has no kids of her own to take care of. He also told mom that he had called her parents tomorrow at his house so the marriage could be finalized. He just wanted mom to show up tomorrow at his house.

We know he had kept his children under his thump when his wife was alive, I also know that his children loved their mother very much it is al to clear that Jay forced them to accept a step mom to govern them.

A few days after the death of his wife he came to our house, I was surprised that he looked not sad but happy, he was even laughing and today he couldn’t wipe off the grin on his face it was like he had slept with a hanger in his mouth which had frozen his facial expressions into a wide smile.

Men are heartless, it’s true they cant be as emotional as women. But he is not even a human. Is wife was a nice woman, she loved him they spent 30 years together, and in one month this man was over her tragic death and was ready to marry a lady 10 years older than his own daughter.

If I would have been in place of my mom, I would have kicked hi sorry butt out of the house the moment he announced that he was getting married to a 36 year old who he does not even know (it’s an arranged marriage) . How could he be so selfish, how could he marry so happily after less than 30 days of his wife’s death, and bringing a stepmom for the children who are old enough to take care of them selves but are brought up in a Pakistani fashion which does not allow them (specially girls) to even raise their voice against alders.

It would have been better for him to go for a …… I don’t want to say the exact word here … but lets say…. a paid option, at least it would have a bit of sincerity to it…. But sincerity, or feeling or sacrifice are for living things such terms don’t really make sense to blood sucking zombies.

P.S I am a feminist, I feel sorry for both the girls (my nieces) and the girl who is getting married because the person who has no feelings for his own daughter will surely not respect the women he hardly knows, I see them all as his victims.

P.P.S : Today June 24th Year 2010; I realize what this man did was completely justified, and yes i was wrong, because i didn’t knew all the facts at the time.

The Disgusting Behavior Of A Man.