Entertainment ruined by Ads

Today is Eid a day when local TV networks air programs specially produced to provide sheer entertainment to the public. I usually don’t watching much of TV but I was just watching this comedy serial on hum TV since Ramadan, it was to conclude today with special longer Eid episode. I started watching “faiz manzil kee Eid ” at around 8pm today but after every five to seven minuets of drama the viewers were feed with ten to twelve minutes of advertisements which would go in loops, being repeated twice, thrice or even more times during every single commercial break. Even during the drama the highly annoying interruptions of Pepsi “lemon ka Jhatka” time check between the dialogs and punch lines made me completely loose interest in the whole thing I ended up switching off my television set..

Advertisements being pushed down our throats make me puke.. And yes I am not ever drinking Pepsi Twist, I don’t want to increases their blood sale for the announce they cause every 30 minutes or so through most Tv/Radio broadcasts in the name of time checks.

Entertainment ruined by Ads

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