Thank God That I Feel And Cry.

Early in the morning, I was yet to dealing with my first cup of coffee for the day when the newspaper made an entry from under the main gate of my house. The news paper was filled with news of a bank being robbed, Action against another KBCA man, Lyari unrest claiming another innocent life, a young lady being killed buy her own father, and three dead bodies found in different parts of the city. Such a newspaper is sure to give you the blues, but it is not in any way the newspaper’s fault, it’s the city, It’s the country, it’s our society we live in.

How can I change it ? What can I fix ? I am tired, baffled, I am sorry they are the people of my society I wish they could see where they are going.

At times I end up questioning my own sanity, why the hell do I care ? Why the hell can I not be like others, plastic devoid of all worries, but that is only possible if I am devoid of my emotions and sentiments too. And I will be a demon then.

It’s better to feel the pain, it’s good that I bleed and suffer, it’s better to be a human, Thank god I cry and feel.

Thank God That I Feel And Cry.

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