She is sitting alone in the corner of an empty room wrapped in a white cloth stained by the blood seeping from her bruises and wet from the tears she has been shedding.

In the other room her mother is being comforted by a few friendly ladies, when she shrieks again “Ooh God they ruined us, disgraced us, why did they left her alive after blackening her face, I wish she would die”

She, a twelve year old tender child hear her mothers mournful cries, her pain intensifies, her body aches and her tears flow even more vigorously, she is shattering into tiny bits but there is no one to console her.

Her mother shrieks again “we can’t show our face to any one, they have corrupted my daughter, they have shattered our honor, I wish I would have died rater than being a witness of such a shameless incident. It is all her fault, it was she who wanted to study like a “mamsahab”, and see now she has painted our faces black ”

The guilt, the pain the agony mounts, she spots a knife lifelessly lying on a dish full of vegetable, left carelessly by her mother. “It’s all my fault, I never listened to my elders, I have brought dishonor to my family, let me ease their pain”. The lifeless knife comes alive, blood drips from it’s tip. The knife is noticed hours later clutched in a lifeless hand.

Sheeesh!… Silence!… Don’t dare say a word, you don’t have the right to mourn or cry, you are the mother who killed your daughter, you are the people who brought death to this innocent child. You are the culprits, the followers of a patriarch society where women’s worth is her virginity and her virginity a man’s pride.


7 thoughts on “Rape

  1. Ghazala says:

    Great, sensitive post about one of the commonest atrocities against women and children!Yes, it is the sad face of today, but surely we have to take some onus of responsibility in seeing to it that this dastardly crime is severely punished. Else we will continue to see our girls raped and then imprisoned for adultery or promiscuity under the draconian Hudood laws of the land of the pure. How long are we going to continue with this ostrich -head in the sand attitude?

  2. well written, Very well written..
    atlast fingers are pointing towards those who should be condemned, because they put their children in such a vulnerable position to begin with…

  3. arief says:

    this incident that happened is very very wrong i condemn it, it is the mother’s fault and she is more responsible than that of the culprits who raped her daughter she should be awarded with that of same charges which the constitution has rewarded to the victims

  4. katherine says:

    what a statement…. I am also a rape victim, more than once, and i never told my parents and i am glad that i didnt. I dont have very caring parents, and i feel that going to my friends or online, is helping me more. Thank you for having the courage to submit this post.

  5. Niesha says:

    diiss wass a veryy tOuchiinq stOriiee Orr passaqe…beiinq a yunq black qurl diiss briinqs hurtt Oo2 mee bkuss a mOthaa shudd nOt blame her chiildd Oo4 such thanqss dhat iis dun Oo2 her..Rape iis neva dha viictiimss fault..diiss iiss veryy well wriittenn! =]

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