A Thought

Last year, around NewYear the issues that bothered me were mostly like women’s rights, child abuse and education for the underprivileged and today some 12 months later it is the integrity of my country…

Where are we headed ?

A Thought

The Year 2007

This last month, December of the year 2007 has been the most difficult month for me of the whole year, as a matter of fact this whole year has been really tough on me.

My maternal uncle came to live with us, he completely invaded our privacy, eves dropped on every single phone call, gazed at every crumb of food we ate, he was there to listen to on every single whisper we made.

It was nerve wrecking to watch him sit all day, not even moving his chair out of the way when my mom was not well and I was running to-‘n’-fro to get her medicine, water and food. He did not budge a millimeter when our cat was ripping off the mosquito net screening from the front door, he never budged when all of us were running all around the house, cleaning, cooking decorating, watering the plants and answering the damn door bell.

It further pissed us when he passed sarcastic remarks each time his meal or the evening tea was a few minutes late, or each time his meal time was delayed due to the mom’s appointment with the dentist. What’s worst was, he was secretly using our towel, keeping his clean so he wouldn’t need to wash his, using our soap and was keep his wrapped safe in his cupboard, he was even using our tooth paste while his tube was gathering dust in his room. We wouldn’t have cared if he would not have kept his soap, toothpaste, and stuff locked safe.

He showed no sympathy, he had been treated us like his slaves, even wanted us to do shopping for him without even paying for anything we bought for him.

My mom, regardless of her arthritis does all the household work, My father too keeps busy all day, I too fix my own breakfast and contribute to household work all day but he does not even take his own platters back to the kitchen and when he once washed the washbasin which is only in his use he instantly announced to us proudly “Look I have washed YOUR washbasin today”

On the other hand the country deprived us the basic rights to express, to chose and decide, the law in mutilated, to express is a crime… The peace of the city is no more, crime is on high, journalists and human right activists are under fire, extremism is on the rise. Yeas, It further depresses me.

And to make it all worst the legendary artist Gulgee is killed along with his wife and maid, in cold blood, and then Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. I wasn’t one of her followers, I don’t know what PPP is all about, I don’t know what her strategy or role as a politician was but still she was learned person, she came to Pakistan after so many years, and most of all she was a hope for the thousands and hundreds of poor people around the country who believed she would do something for them. It was all gone with a single bullet and that which followed her assassination, the mayhem, the ciaos in the country was enough to depress any one who has the slightest love for this country or it’s people.

And not to forget the rumors of the drinking water being poisoned and the killing of another Leader was really nerve wrecking.

After all this, how could I send people a happy NewYear greeting ? I could I feel like celebrating, besides I was too tired with the violence, reading news, worrying what next, I did not feel like saying anything. I just wanted to shout, loudly out of every single loudspeaker in the whole of the country, only one sentence ” STOP, God Dame-it STOP “.

The Year 2007