If I Had More Money…

There are times I wish I would have had a bit more liberty to spend money but then would I have known the pleasures of searching junk at the flea market and finding treasures like Alastair Hendy’s latest book, Gale Tuoti’s hand painted ceramic tile, the small laughing Buddha or a handcrafted boomerang. Would I have known the pleasures of browsing through piles of used books to find my favorite writer and later to even get those books signed by the author. I would have missed all this and also the training to look for precarious things in places where one would least expect them to be.

Money does make a few things easy for us but it also deprives us from learning so much more and I am glad that I have the privilege to be a part of such a different learning process, I hope I learn the most from it.

If I Had More Money…

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