Letter To The Doctor.

This is the long letter I typed for a doctor today whose appointment I have for Friday the 18th of April, midnight, at Imam Clinic.

Lets hope things work for me, but I wish to see some other Doctor before that, I wonder who I should go to 😐 …. Anyways here’s the rough draft of the letter:

Dear Doctor,

It was the beginning of February when I first got fever (101-102), I took an antibiotic for two days with Panadol and brufeen every 4 hours but there was No effect. then the antibiotic was changed but after three days when that too proved ineffective, I started “C-bosh” which worked and after having it for five days in a row I was asked to discontinue the medicine.

Soon after recovering from my fever I had a bit of cough, I am allergic to dust and dry weather gets me. I visited DR. Muneer shaikh and he prescribed me some drugs they are listed in the attached prescription. There was a bit improvement but then it rolled back and I continued to coughing – I took these meds for around a month. (I have now stopped taking them for some 10 days, the decision was mine, and I am better )

After this, around 20 or some days from today (15 – April – 2008- ) I started to feel fatigue or lack of energy, I noticed that I have a slight fever which remained on 99.5 and at maximum 100 by the evening. Munir Shaikh said the fever might be because of the chest congestion and I kept fighting it with Panadols but after a few days when the fever persisted My cousin DR. Moin prescribed me 250 Mg of Qumic (an Antibiotic) for twice every day, but when it proved inaffective Dr. Moin prescribed me with Maxima ( Cefixime 400Mg) One a day. I continued with Cafixime for 12 days, my fever while I was totally resting remained on a mark between 99-100 (99.5).

It’s been a few days (4 to be exact) since I have taken not any other medicines. Just today ( 15 April 2008 ) at noon I have taken a dose of Ketress ( Levamisole HCL), because I suspected that I may have a Roundworm infestation, although I have not sighted a single worm in my stool but still I am getting erratically hungry, My stomach is somewhat upset, I still have a chest congestion, I have fatigue and I feel tiredness and (by only the looks of it) I may have lost some weight as well. I suspected I may have nematodes in me because I had recently been to a place where such worms were living in a damaged wall and were eating on algae and it was out of sheer curiosity that I went near them.

But because I am not a doctor and I am sick of being sick, I come to you to seek advice and I have faith in you that you would do the best and will decide accordingly to fix things in my body ..

I hope you would be able to help me get better.

Kind regards
Jamal Ashiqian

— [-End-] —

Letter To The Doctor.

And this is what it comes to for a subject called ART

I remember when I was at school out teachers never taught us anything about fine arts, I was always particularly interested in paintings when at school but there was not a single teacher who would teach me how to paint or tell us about an art gallery. The only thing we were taught as children was to barely draw and all I remember drawing through my whole primary school life was parrot, car and a house with a tree. When we entered secondary schooling we were asked to draw diagrams, an outline drawings of different body parts or instruments out of physics and chemistry labs and like the rest of my class mates I remember I too used to trace them out of our books on our note books. In short throughout our schooling we actually taught nothings about fine arts at all, we did not knew what paintings were, we had never heard the word sculpture and we had absolutely no idea what so ever what Fine art actually was.

In college of course no one cared least to entertain such follies fine arts covers so actually throughout my whole academic life I was taught not a single word of fine arts. And this is not just me but almost 90% of the schools which at operating around the country specially the ones with the government teach almost nothing of fine arts to its students. The only art form we are taught of at schools is literature but that too is taught at such a superficial level that literality plays like those of Shakespeare seems to be mare stories and poems seem similar to nursery rhymes.

This means that our educated lot of people (and also the ones to come) are really oblivious of art, from any sense of design or visual harmony and incapable of appreciating any form of art. Which explains why a teacher at NED university teaching architecture rejected one of Piet Mondrian compositions (traced copy) submitted as an assignment by a student with a remark which read “Not interesting enough” and no the teacher did not knew anything about Piet because the next day when the student told his teacher that the work was a copy of “Mondrian” he was told ” I don’t care where you have copied it from but next time copy something which make sense ” … What else could possibly have made sense to him for a composition to be made only with straight lines, Only God knows.

The thoughts were triggered after visiting this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rumana-husain/2381830913/

And this is what it comes to for a subject called ART