Letter To The Doctor.

This is the long letter I typed for a doctor today whose appointment I have for Friday the 18th of April, midnight, at Imam Clinic.

Lets hope things work for me, but I wish to see some other Doctor before that, I wonder who I should go to 😐 …. Anyways here’s the rough draft of the letter:

Dear Doctor,

It was the beginning of February when I first got fever (101-102), I took an antibiotic for two days with Panadol and brufeen every 4 hours but there was No effect. then the antibiotic was changed but after three days when that too proved ineffective, I started “C-bosh” which worked and after having it for five days in a row I was asked to discontinue the medicine.

Soon after recovering from my fever I had a bit of cough, I am allergic to dust and dry weather gets me. I visited DR. Muneer shaikh and he prescribed me some drugs they are listed in the attached prescription. There was a bit improvement but then it rolled back and I continued to coughing – I took these meds for around a month. (I have now stopped taking them for some 10 days, the decision was mine, and I am better )

After this, around 20 or some days from today (15 – April – 2008- ) I started to feel fatigue or lack of energy, I noticed that I have a slight fever which remained on 99.5 and at maximum 100 by the evening. Munir Shaikh said the fever might be because of the chest congestion and I kept fighting it with Panadols but after a few days when the fever persisted My cousin DR. Moin prescribed me 250 Mg of Qumic (an Antibiotic) for twice every day, but when it proved inaffective Dr. Moin prescribed me with Maxima ( Cefixime 400Mg) One a day. I continued with Cafixime for 12 days, my fever while I was totally resting remained on a mark between 99-100 (99.5).

It’s been a few days (4 to be exact) since I have taken not any other medicines. Just today ( 15 April 2008 ) at noon I have taken a dose of Ketress ( Levamisole HCL), because I suspected that I may have a Roundworm infestation, although I have not sighted a single worm in my stool but still I am getting erratically hungry, My stomach is somewhat upset, I still have a chest congestion, I have fatigue and I feel tiredness and (by only the looks of it) I may have lost some weight as well. I suspected I may have nematodes in me because I had recently been to a place where such worms were living in a damaged wall and were eating on algae and it was out of sheer curiosity that I went near them.

But because I am not a doctor and I am sick of being sick, I come to you to seek advice and I have faith in you that you would do the best and will decide accordingly to fix things in my body ..

I hope you would be able to help me get better.

Kind regards
Jamal Ashiqian

— [-End-] —

Letter To The Doctor.

5 thoughts on “Letter To The Doctor.

  1. sorry to know that u r unwell and the appointment didnt turn out so well. Whom are u going to consult now. there is a certain doc in gulshan (near your place) in Momin Square, he is quite well-known. The name is odd – Dr. Karwa. I consulted him last year for my fever. It helped.

  2. Thank you :),

    I have found a doctor but his timings are from half past midnight till 3 in the morning at Imam Clinic… he is good and I am to see him today, or shall I say tomorrow morning :s… any ways If this one doesn’t work I will certainly visit Dr. Karwa 🙂

  3. but the imam clinic i used to know was a maternity home 🙂 maybe a long time has passed. doing better on the health front i presume.
    i just read ur metro blog post, and i was wondering, what abt the atrocities that were committed against the urdu speaking people by mukti bahinis? i lost 2 maternal grand fathers. They were just taken away in the darkness of night, they were never to be found. No grave, no sign. And for years and years, the wives waited….the children waited….one of them is still around, she walks like a shadow, like a ghost…she still remembers him….his sepia pics, of that person i never was able to know….that haunts me….apologies wont mend it, the pain and loss is there. but sometimes the people here, even they dont register it. kahin tou malik kuch likh raha hoga, kissi baewa kae ansoon ka hisab…

  4. imam clinic is commonly known as a maternity home but they have consultants as well .. 🙂 ..

    You are right, I agree, but the loss was of innocent people from both the sides. When we corner a society or a group of people there is always retaliation, and when people rebel, retaliate and vent their frustrations they don’t think who they are hurting. It was a mad rage in which the innocent people suffer the most, in case of Bangladesh we tried to pin them to the wall and they reacted.

    Yes the loss of lives was from both sides, but we made them suffer the worst.

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