Debate: Replacing the teacher with a computer at school …

Debate: Replacing the teacher with a computer at schools – a wise option (or Maybe Not)

The following is a debate I wrote for my niece, she has been told to work on it before she reads it at her school, and I hope her school take it all in a good sport ….

Never had I thought such a day would come when a machine will be suggested to replace a living, breathing knowledgeable human being. Did I say knowledgeable? Well, our teachers do have all the knowledge they would require to get us good marks in our exams, and I don’t see any point of having any unnecessary knowledge, specially for this noble profession of teaching.

So where were we?, yeah replacing a teacher with a computer, were they even thinking when they come up with such a topic? I mean look, We get a lot of homework specially on weekends or before vacations, and they expect us to do it all on our own, how absurd. Anyways what we do is we Google things over the internet copy a few things from here and there and we are done for the day in less then an hour. Now here is my point, and you must listen to it carefully, VERY carefully… When we submit these “copied from the internet”, assignment to our teachers there is a very little chance they will ever notice what we did at home, So in the end we get excellent remarks both for outstanding homework and sharp wit and the teacher walks out pleased with our performance and a broad smile on her face?

On the contrary a computer will, within seconds, notice what we did and how we cheated, well I wouldn’t call it cheating, I did rather rephrase this to “how dealt with it” at home and it will give us either a big fat “O” or will put a remark on our copies which will read in BOLD RED “Cheated, Do it again”. And believe me no school will ever want most of its students having their notebooks dotted with such horrible remarks by the end of the year.

“The end of the year” Oh, This brings me to another point, all year long our teachers do emphasize of topics they deem important, we all know that, and it gives a fare amount clues to what we might expect in a final term paper. On the other hand we don’t expect computers to be that dumb, they don’t give out clues, as a matter of fact even if they do we might not be able to trust them, because they so God – damn wise machines, we don’t expect them to make mistakes ? Do we ?

And if they don’t make mistakes, you should expect 90% of us to obviously fail in the finals, and I am sure the school management will have a crazy fit once they realize that almost all of their students haven’t reached even near to the passing marks. Aahhh it would spell “disaster” for them as all their commercialism will go down the drain all thanks to those silly little computers.

And last but not the least, we all know when we blink our eyes rapidly, looking into the teachers eye with affection and beg for help, they always fall for it. They ignore almost all of our errors in the term papers and they give us extra tips on what we might expect to see in the final exams, at times almost all the question to appear in the finals gets ticked as “IMP” on out note books months before exam. We will miss all that convenience with computer wouldn’t we?

And ooh!! How could we ignore that Computers will bore us with all the knowledge of the world. They will throw terms like globalization, Global warming, World reforms, human rights, and global issues which have literally no real value in education. I mean all we need is a GOD Damn peace of paper called “Degree”, and not at all this crappy knowledge, we are just studying so by the end of the day we can flash our degree and walk into an office and get a decent job, and stick with this job till all our teeth have fallen out and our grand children be at schools just like the ones we are in. With computers in charge they will turn us into one of those horrible looking scholars who don’t even speak the same language we do and they think of weird things. yeaaah I know these geeks often end up inventing cool gadgets, but hey I don’t want to work so hard and invent something while I can just go and buy it off the shelves, Do I ?

So in the end I come to this conclusion that schools are better off computers, and replacing them with teachers would be disastrous not only for the schools but also for us the students. So please don’t haunt us with such bizarre Ideas because we are happy with the teachers we have.

[ – END – ]

Debate: Replacing the teacher with a computer at school …

30 thoughts on “Debate: Replacing the teacher with a computer at school …

  1. Aseem says:

    What a beautiful piece of writing!
    The very beauty of this essay lies in its sarcasm, more emphatically, everlasting sarcasm, from the beginning to the end. Keep it up, you have presented this debate in a very different and unique manner.

  2. Max says:

    Son of Bit$h. Okay that was rude. but I agree with KarlValentine how can you actually mean that human right is useless crap. Is the fact that thousounds of children are dying every 5 seconds useless crap. Is it?
    BTW it is so obviouse that you have never debated before because you have o idea of how to write a propper debate and I hope for your neices sake she dose not use ths debate.

    1. Stokes says:

      i agree that this paper lacks the intensity that it needs to even be considered. sarcasm needs to be thorough or not in it at all, because sarcasm has too much of tone and nonverbal communication to be thrown in and out of a paper like that.

  3. Dhwani mehta says:

    nicelyyy presented!!!!! good!!!!! plss upload more INfo abt diss!!! write smthn in favour of internet / computer!! k???

  4. Sara says:

    its gud but not dat outstanding. there r thousands of answers possible 2 d questions asked. it shld hav been a bit more “debatical”

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