The Door Which Opened In Ugly Memories

She had been on my online social network friend list since more then a year now, each time I used to came across her, it reminded me of how her aunt, her uncle their children, her own father mother took advantage of me and later stabbed me through the heart and left me to bleed to death.

Yesterday, or a day before that I just visited her profile and all those bitter memories of knowing the whole family, trusting them and in the end being left violated, with a realization that all along the years they had no real feelings for, you were just being used for their advantage, came back to life.

I realized that each time I come across this profile I go through the same trauma and I decided to remove that one name from my list of friends, and with the press of the delete button all my memories of that IT institution, it’s directors, their family, the stabs, the cries, the sound of dripping blood and the feel of the cold metal blade piercing through my ribs to the heart, eased away.

Finally I had closed that door which opened in ugly memories…

The Door Which Opened In Ugly Memories