Random craziness and Depression gets the blame.

It’s been a while since I have written anything here. Depression is the culprit I would be blaming this time for my disappearance. I wouldn’t say what exactly it was that brought the depression crashing into my head and whirling in my body but it was there and I didn’t want to write anything on the blog. But with some efforts finally I am sort of over with it. Took me a month to do so but finally I am through sitting in the room alone doing nothing and reading that miserable story of the misery an Irish family went through centuries ago ….

But just to clarify I have not been all that cranky during this period of time, let me tell you I have worked on some brilliant ideas One popped up in my head just hours back when a friend of mine told me she has meetings with four different clients and a cricket match to play later.

I told her to hold the meeting during the match while she will be batting through a microphone concealed in her helmet this way if a client of her annoys her she can aim the ball towards him and hit for a Sixer, the annoyance will end and so will her client. She can then tell her the remaining three “one Down three to go”.

I wonder if this could be done in real life with clients you annoy to till you brain turns to a sour pudding.

I have also been asking people to toss their bosses into the dustbins, hang them out in the window to dry for few days, make their clients drink tea with red chilies and give their annoying relatives laxatives in chocolate pudding at a deserted beach where they don’t even find a bathroom to relieve them selves and eventually end up leaving an unbearable stink in the their car on their way home .. 😛

God I have been mean, and Ohh this shows how desperately I want a good, light an’ happy book to read. Something, the sort of writing I came across at the event yesterday. I am talking about the “Tunnel Vision” and of course then there is another one by Maniza Naqvi and yet another one…. the three books I gladly plan to be spending my whole month’s earnings for…. 😛

You see I have been really crazy, and I blame it all to the depression, it’s not my fault really, it’s not.

Random craziness and Depression gets the blame.

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