And why I hate men..

I was at a party, a privet family gathering of a sort, a wedding to be exact. I was sitting at the back listening the brides teenage brother talking about the girls who were there. The were doing a postmortem as if a detective would profile murder suspects. They were judging the character of every single girl by their appearances. ” Look her shirt is so tight, and he boobs are so huge, she surely cant be virgin” , “Look at the one in red dress, her chest is completely flat, she must be a lesbian” , ” The one in the blue dress is continuously talking to her boyfriend”

At this party while listening to them silly gossips besides degust I felt a bit sorry too for these guys.

But then the next day at another party well educated men and I heard them talking the same kind of crap, making a fuss out of a visible bra straps, telling how they saw a bit of a cleavage while they walked passed a girl sitting on the floor, and how they “think” so and so girl is a whore or not or a virgin or not .

I mean For heaven’s sake What the FU*K do you guys have to do if she is a God damn whore or a Slut or a virgin or not ? Are you some sort of a bloody keeper whose duty if to guard female virginity. And they are women, they are not some bloody object that you might be able to own someday, like you are looking for an untouched “Packed and Sealed” piece. And Why the hell No one questions how many girls you slept with before you decided to be “sincere” with one or in some cases several just so you can have Verity.

I am a man myself but I cant disrespect even a Female Sex Worker out there because of so many reasons and these men the majority of them, wouldn’t pause for even a second before they see a girl and they would instantly start judging her, weighing her and analyzing her character and boiling it all down to the possibility of her being a virgin or not… the only thing these men won’t give the woman is the respect and freedom which is their fundamental right of every human being.

Then how can I not hate men.

And why I hate men..

8 thoughts on “And why I hate men..

  1. newb3e says:

    Women themself are more to blamed then men.women have turned themselves into hot property with no walls or boundry.the way our women dress nowadays will make them valournable.showing skin or exposing oneself is part of animal kingdom, sharam and haya are a major part of our religion and culture.and hijab is thr to protect women and not to take away thr freedom.

  2. Great post, Jamash! Couldn’t agree with you, more!
    And Newb3e, for heaven’s sake! Sharam and haya are a major part of our religion but both for men and women. Men have also been ordered to keep their eyes low. Why do we always tend to forget that when we criticize women for their attire?

  3. Junaid says:

    I completely agree with you. This is indeed a menace. You mentioned parties, one has to hear such comments daily at work where wolves in the garb of humans are found in ample numbers. Sick jokes and sick comments punctuated with all sorts of expletives are considered normal. Ive always had a problem with this kind of conversation and company and the result is that I am known to be anti-social. But then I dont really care.

    It is extremely disgusting to see presumably educated men (though i have a reservation on using educated here; degree holders arent necessarily educated) seem to be completely obsessed with women and dont even spare young girls. Their counterparts in rural areas quench their thirst by indulging in kari, vaani and burying alive in the name of honor. This is a curse.

    Shame on this society.

  4. You know what, when my sister used to say that all men are dogs, I used to have arguments with her. I always thought that men cannot be thinking about ALL the women in sexual terms, it is not HUMANLY possible. I guess my sis was right.

    Women’s piety is attached to their sense of ownership, hence most of the crimes against women citing reasons of honor are committed in patriarchal societies of West Asia and middle East. Crimes against women do happen in other parts of the world (such as USA and Latin America and Far East) but honor is never cited as a justification.

  5. yo jamal

    Whats up man… whats yr email??? i tried to send u something and it bounced??

    Categorizing women is a general male hobby bro..its found in all hunter gatherer species. Still there are exceptions on both sides 🙂

  6. they just can’t stop themselves from asking personal questions
    and invading your privacy.
    can please somebody ask this “Team Lead” of mine to get his ugly hands off my chair.

    i liked, whatever you have here. keep it up.

  7. Haris Sajjad says:

    Thumbs up, jamal!!
    Agree to most of what you said here, but the thing is kay boys of our generation rarely talk sense; so they gossip all crap. some other time also share you views how can possibly such trend be fixed!!! we appriciate is far crucial.
    Generally, Values and noble traditions of humanity are depleting globally.. We have progressed in Technology but ruined human element… It is main cause; and what you discussed is affect. (Sometime we will sit and draw fish bone diagram to view indepth this social issue 🙂
    Respect is essence of humanity, which has to do with your values and inside spirirtual element. Believe me, still there are cultured and respected gentlemen in our families and in our society; they have acted out of the way to make sure (by supporting and encouraging) that there wife, daughters, sisters can have quality education and life; they help them to empowered in this male dominant society. men cannot be hated; in fact these noble gems of our society.. you may know a lot of success stories. I hope you will agree to this kay Somehow there is some balance in our society, if you like to notice. What we can do in this regard to transfer/convey the values and make the people realize about importance of respect in our social circles.
    Mashallah, Girls are much more empowered than ever before and to make the change happen they also need to feel their obligation to be respected by society. Our parents are much more sensitive towards their education (just check the girls/ boys ratio of students in Karachi university and Punjab University).
    last word,What i know to my dictionary “the man; what i mean is name of a cultured specie, a self esteem, a soul with strong values of humanity.”
    Beside this what you talked about is a mass of helpless duffers and fools!!!!! and they are absolutely doing all crap what you noticed..

  8. Zeeshan says:

    How men discuses the women is more or less same in all parts of the world. i had chance to study with American men and believe me they are not different form the men in Pakistan in terms of attitude towards women. come on people its human nature you can not change it or help it as far
    as the men keep those thing in circle on friends with hurting any womens’ feeling, i think it is harmless and men talk like this for fun purpose only but one thing i must say that we Pakistani men need to control our staring it that is the most disgusting part. we should definitely stop this visual anatomy our

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