It is complicated, it hurts but some times you cant just let go of people because you just cant, because then there will be none left, because they are tied in some relations. It hurts when they think you are a total fool who wouldn’t understand anything, they will talk sweet but they won’t spare you a cupper, When you give them advice they will return it with total disregard, they won’t appose you but just ignore because you are not even worth arguing and no matter what you say doesn’t really matter. They wont remember you when they party they won’t even recognize you when they are hosting a party they cant avoid to invite you because you are related.

It is hard to be fond of children and having the ones who should be near and dear to be as distant as almost an stranger. It is hard to see those who were in you arms when they were born running your esteem under their boots. Hard to see them going down the hill to a fall trying to stop but they wont listen.

It rip’s you apart to realize that the smile on a on a 6 year old is plastic, so is the whole ambience. The soft corners, the sympathies, love all synthetically brewed so they can keep you running after a mirage and enjoy watching you running in the desert desperate for a drop or so of cold and soothing love.

But in all this hurting, ripping and battling they only don’t realize that is it actually they who are depriving their own selves from seeing the very true beauty of life called love. They are the ones who are dry and flaky already dead from the inside, with no feelings, soul or heart, what only remains are the colors they have painted on the surface.

Pity for them, they don’t really know that all who are alive can smell them dead from quite a distance.


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