Boss with brains, the size of a pea.

n525727787_1786572_26751I am totally sleep deprived and too tired right now for anything but I have to get this out of my system, I just have to tell this to some one or I wont be able to sleep.

Well I was at this beautiful art exhibition yesterday when I noticed a reporter, his press card boasted his employment with one of the cities leading English daily and he was asking people their opinion about the exhibition I noticed he didn’t had a photographer with him so I asked him what visuals would he be using for his news report of this opening of the exhibition. At which he replied that he has a CD of the images on display and a printed catalogue of the art work, pictures out of which would be used for the purpose. So I replied that the visuals will then be only about the art work and not the opening of this exhibition, I then showed him this image which was in my digital camera at the moment and asked him wouldn’t this image, or something similar would make a better visual shot for the story at which he said something that totally shocked me. He said ” after looking at this picture my boss will say half of the image is out of focus, and he cant use it”. At this statement I decided to remain silent because after that anything said to guy would have been useless.

Boss with brains, the size of a pea.

8 thoughts on “Boss with brains, the size of a pea.

  1. Leading English newspaper… was it DAWN ? or was it The NEWS!

    either way, I think the reporter guy would have been the main culprit here…. Boss ka bhi haat hoga in the way he was thinking… but someone calling a nicely used shallow DOF as “half the picture is out of focus”.. that dude is in the wrong profession


  2. hina imtiaz says:

    lol…how typical of them to say something like that…it’s not shocking at all…just them doing their job how THEY think it should be done….but yeah..i can’t stop laughing…i liked all the shots from this exibition you took

  3. Obviously Hameed Haroon couldn’t possibly have someone like THAT working under him …. The rest you can pretty much guess 😉

    @ Hina: Tell me about it .. I had to hold my breath till i went blue to stop my self from laughing at the poor reporter, I was also red with anger so I took more of a shade in purple .. 😛

  4. Oh Jamash, you have no idea what kind of gems work under Hameed Haroon (technically, they work under the editor). As a former employee of Haroon House, I have known the good, the bad and the gallactically stupid sitting in one room.

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