How can we ever thank you enough…

dsc_00131Yesterday was Saturday night, I had been up chasing after my playful cat, commenting on a picture featuring some of my friends, reading a few serious blogs over the blogosphere, and designing an application form for KMB all night.

So obviously I woke up at noon, and as usual for a technology geek, still in bed I picked up my cell phone to check my emails, but instead an sms which had arrived an hour or so back caught my attention. It was an invitation to join a few old school friends most of them “December Pakistanis’ to visit out beloved school principal Madam Najmi. I haven’t met most of these friends in years so seeing them together was an offer tempting enough not to say no to and to top it all a visit to our dear principal, this was an occasion I wouldn’t want to miss for anything.

I had a few unimportant plans for the evening, which were quickly moved, and I was all set to be carpooled to our destination.

During our drive from Gulshan to Clifton to our destination, the old school crowd, all six of us backed like the sardines in a tin gossiped and talked of the old days, the silly questions we asked our teachers and even sillier crushes, the stupid games and mischievous activities we indulged in while at school and all the memories of the silly us kids were refreshed.

For a moment we were not who we are but the same silly kids wrapped in a sense of nostalgia, back at school but with a realization ” Oh! God How silly of us it was”. I guess that is the part of being grownup.

At our principals home, we were greeted with great love and affection, a strong feel of warmth I am sure we all deeply felt. And Madam Najmi’s bright eyes were even more brighter, full of affection and love, glittering with a contentment, for her hard work and the love and knowledge she had given us has nurtured us into fine gentlemen.

For Madam Najmi, it has never been about money, she wanted to bring out the best in every single one of her students, she wanted them to be intellects, different from the crowd. Of course the school also won for her some bread and cheese, but had had to survive, and yes she could have been a multimillionaire only if she would have commercialized education in her institution but rightfully this she never did, which was a very bold decision, because she always remained focused and never lusted for money.

In the end when we were leaving her place to head back home, I realized that this fine old lady has given us something that we cant ever repay for, she has given us that fine personality, that fire to continue, that passion to look minutely into the finer details of thing in life. She is the person responsible to bring that fineness in us which set us apart, she has brought the best out of us. We were fortunate to have her as a principal and even more fortunate to have her with us today.

Right now I am at a total lost of words, my true feelings cant simply be described by mix of some 24 alphabets. I could only but say thank you, but we can so not thank her enough all our lives for what she has given to us. May her love and affection always be with us.

How can we ever thank you enough…

3 thoughts on “How can we ever thank you enough…

  1. Syed Shomaail Mansoor Jafri says:

    You are right …. I am also one of the fans of Madam Najmi and had a long association with her from the very kindergarten to my matriculation in (1995)…..:). I am in Saudi Arabia now but if I know her address I would certainly pay her a visit on my vacation inshallah.

  2. Syed Shomaail Mansoor Jafri says:

    I hope I get in touch with any of my classmates or teachers in Meadow School…. Zohair, Nauman Ahmed usmani, Ishaq, Murtaza, …etc these are the students…
    And our beloved teachers: Miss Atiya, Miss Ali (mother of Adnan Ali), Mr Rais (Math teacher), Mr. Owais (Math teacher), Mr. Barkat (Sindhi Teacher) … Shomaail

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