I refuse to choose war over peace.

Star Voice of India, a music program, a final episode of which aired a few moments ago was turned into a patriotic drama today. It is not bad to say how much you love your country, but at a time like this, and with songs which say we will not take this sitting down, with visuals of war and the song with lyrics which are to provoke the nation to raise up and go to war… Ironically the songs have a similar effect and response on this (Pakistani) side of the border too.

For once would this commercial media learn to spread harmony, love and talk about fighting the terrorists and not another whole country which they think is their enemy. And do they think if they nuke A bordering country they will actually achieve something .. ? I mean if today it is Pakistan then tomorrow it might be china or Taiwan or the Tamil Tigers from Nepal. ?

Seriously we still love the talented people who participated in the Star voice of India, we cried when Hashmeet Singh died, we all were shading tears when we were looking at the dead bodies and blood splattered all over in Mumbai terror attacks. We were all with India and the victims of the terror attack, we are still and a few fools cant change our sympathy for those innocents who lost their lives.

The terrorists wanted us to fight, they wanted to start a chain reaction by killing about 300 people, a chain reaction which might take countless innocent lives both in India and Pakistan, hundreds and thousands might just die on a flick of a button, we all know those who will die will only be normal peace loving people, who would never raise their hands to hurt anyone on either side of the border. Yet we are engrossed with the idea and proudly promoting it that on that side of the border live all demons…

Yeah I know such ventures do cash in very well for the media but I must warn that such practices do backfire with catastrophic results. We must understand that to kill a hand full of terrorists a full blown war is not a solution, it is it’s self a problem. I hope they would understand.

When I looked at Aishwarya and Anvesha singing today, despite the choice of songs, despite the tone of the program despite every single sentence which talked of hating Pakistan, which talked of war, my love and affection for Aishwarya, Anvesha, and the common people of India and Pakistan was undeterred, unchanged because I refuse to surrender to the plots of those terrorists who know nothing but to spread war, terror, and hatred.

Is that all so difficult to see ?

I refuse to choose war over peace.

4 thoughts on “I refuse to choose war over peace.

  1. Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is more than I expected when I found a link on Digg telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.
    p.s. Year One is already on the Internet and you can watch it for free.

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