Celebrity Gossip

Sad and sorry was how I exactly felt when I saw a picture of “Lindsay Lohan” crying when her handbag went missing, I really don’t understand what’s the fun in enjoying to see celebrities specially female celebrities in misery or in odd postures or situations. And it’s not just in the US, just few nights back, in Karachi I spotted an amateur photographer at a concert trying to capture one of the female performers when she bent down to pick up a piece of paper, there was nothing to see but he did try his best to capture “something”. And indeed we have seen personal pictures of celebrities and even politicians and there sons and daughters poured out on the internet just to have maximum clicks on someone’s stupid Google ad.

What surprises me more is the fact that not a single person asked any of these sick people to have a life and learn to behave instead people add spice to such websites and blogs by leaving their cheap remarks and comments.

Our sick behavior of treating them as some sort of a public property leaves them no privacy in life, we keep them under a keen observation and take advantage of anything, the slightest of it the moment we get a chance. How insensitive it is that the very celebrities we otherwise claim to adore, love and respect get disrespect, hatred and humiliation in return from the very people they spent there whole lives entertaining.

Is that what our celebrities deserve from us ? This is the question we shall all be asking our selves today.

Celebrity Gossip

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