When The Cactus Talked.

When at times I come out of the Illusions that I live in, I realize the thorns that grow all over my green skin, hard, sharp and red at the tip. They are there to protect me from being hurt but they also keep friends at a certain distance. No wonder I grow in deserts, and I am glad I do grow there because in any other place, I may end up hurting so many.

What! you worry of my thirst ? Stop being a fool, You know I take the moisture from the air and the occasional rain brings enough for me stay alive. Yes Of course I grow flowers, and you may also pluck them off my spiky body and take them to the comforts of your home, and they last longer then regular flowers, actually I do like you to take them away from my thorny existence because you know it’s never too pleasant living among thorns.

Oh yeah, there are some fool who find me beautiful and at times even take me home, and I often end-up hurting them even without wanting to, so I don’t want them to do this, I am good where I am and they too should look for some better things then me.

Yeah, I love growing alone in the desert, and I have seen some lucky ones of my kinds who got rid of their thorns with time, but I don’t think I am one of those kinds, because I would have shed my thorns by now if I was that lucky. So I yeah its always better to leave me here, in the desert.

Now if you may allow, I would like to ask you just one little Question young lady. What channel would this interview be shown ? Oh, Nat-Geo yeah that is the one for animals and things like me, thank you for taking out your time to extend my thoughts and views to your fellow human beings.

When The Cactus Talked.