Lets not be a victim

I was supposed to do this post on the 25th of November but since a few days life has been spinning at lightning speed right in front of me and I have been trying only to make out some sense of it.

Anyways this post is about this international campaign called “Take Back The Tech!” which is a 16 day action plan against women harassment over the new media, which includes mobile phones, internet (E-Mails, Blogs, websites, social networks) Television or any other electronic media which has been or can be used for gender based crime/violence against women. The campaign’s main initiative is to spread global awareness and educate people to take full advantage of the social networks and the new media technology fearlessly without giving the sick minded culprits a chance to victimize them.

A fake facebook female account created to study people’s behavior over social networks revealed some disturbing trends.

Women from almost all age brackets but mostly teenagers from around the globe would often add people they don’t even know and when asked why they did so their replies were:

1) some of their friends were already friends with you so I had thought you might know me.

Well as I was adding people randomly, I did add most of a person’s friends. And since I was posed as a girls boys often agreed being friends with me without even a single question. Now I have most of your friends and hen I add you are under an impression that I may be one of your friend’s friend and you would gladly add me.

2) “You where a girl so I thought I might know you from school or somewhere.”

although I don’t have a face on my display picture my name strikes familiar and you think I may be someone you know and you add me without thinking twice.

3) I don’t share much personal information so it doesn’t matter who I add.

Yeah you may not be sharing much of your personal information but your friends are constantly adding information about you on your profile, you are commenting of your friend’s images and you are even talking about what you have been doing at school and what school you are going to.

4) because You knew the names of both my parents (This was a case of a girls who is a performance artist and both her patents are also countries well known artists.

Don’t you think 70% of the whole country knows this information, would you actually be adding all of them ?

In all the cases above no one asked a single question before adding a complete stranger, they don’t question my legitimacy and they don’t suspect any foul play. And even if they ask question it is only after they have already added me to heir profile which actually gives me enough time to scan through their data, images, personal information and save it all for a later use.

Now Social networks have become an essential part of our daily lives. They are an incredible tool to make friends and socialize but you have to practice caution before you add anyone to your social network.

When a person adds you verify who that person is. If s/he has a common friend mail your friend and ask him/her If s/he personally knows this person, if you don’t have anyone common ask why this person has added you, and how do you think he knows of you.

While being on a social network always make sure you don’t upload any of your personal photographs or those of your friends. Any pictures taken with a plain background can possibly be photo shopped and the background can be easily altered. Remember anything you put up on a social network is visible to public so don’t post anything that may comeback to haunt you later in life.

Do not reveal where you are exactly located, even giving out an approximate area of your residence or the place you frequent like your school or workplace or a café you hangout with friends can be potentially dangerous.

Restrict your social network from publishing information of photos you leave your comments on as you may also be allowing someone else to see your friends photos.

If you find out that someone is impersonating you on a social network, inform the social network administration and all your friends. Put a notification on your social network page your blogs and on as many places as you can .

You must be careful no to mention your exact location until really necessary while updating your status, keep privet information to your self, keep your tagged photos from appearing to everyone and you will be just fine on any social network.

Lets not be a victim


kabhi kabhaar maray mazee kay woh bhayanak chehray waqt he deewar ko cheer rooh baroo a kharay hootau hain, bayan kernay ko insaan ka vahshee roop. baycharay aur ker bhee kiya sakhtay hain tarrs ke bheek mangnay kay siwa.