kabhi kabhaar maray mazee kay woh bhayanak chehray waqt he deewar ko cheer rooh baroo a kharay hootau hain, bayan kernay ko insaan ka vahshee roop. baycharay aur ker bhee kiya sakhtay hain tarrs ke bheek mangnay kay siwa.


2 thoughts on “Tarrs

  1. abeer ul haq says:


    1) always re-check any drafting (specially Urdu) before posting, it may can disturb reader b.t.w its a friendly advice from a learner.

    2)look jamash as u write “insan ka vehshee roop” well its very wrong perception of all so-called educated/writer/sophisticated (including me) that by reading some literature and own experince we start judging others:) well it can be your vehsee roop (or who ever write these line)not for all other humans atleast not mine…and concentrate on more positive “kabhe kabhe khiyal ata hay”.. often (akser) jo ata hay concentrate on it:)…

    3)already media depression phelaraha hay so try to post postive side of this beautiful world and our beautiful life:) there are all around opportunities, hope, happiness, love , creativity and my fav. art…u have to drag people attention towards it:)…

    for you kinda guy these all comments would be sense less, and i am new in this bloging stuff, and not new in thinking positive.

    take care.

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