R.I.P Asim

It has been 2 whole days and the cursor has been blinking on the same spot on the draft of the article – I cant add any words to it move it any further and take any out to move it back.

Only If going back in time wound have been as easy as pressing the backspace, i would have gladly kept the key pressed till i would have been two days back in time when he was still alive, and would have

left the cursor blink for a lifetime there. or Only if life would have supplied us with an Undo button.

I have not known Asim Butt personally too well, but the few shorts talks i had with him, his artwork that i interacted with, specially the mural at the old T2F – He always managed to touch my heart and soul …

today words fail me, i don’t know what i can say to make my self and others feel any better …. I guess there is really nothing that can be said… Rest In Peace Asim.

R.I.P Asim