WhAt ThE cOLd dID 2 mE :(

My head feels like a boiled egg, it hurts as if a corn kernel, in the microwave is almost about to pop open in to a white foamy flower, this time my cols has gone from bad to worst, my sinus is blocked, and one of my nostrils is blocked for all airy traffic and when even i blow my nose, and that too i cant do any place i am visiting because what will people think when they will hear weird noises coming out of the loo !! “Pheeeeeuwwww – Phreeeeneeee – Pheeeerrrrrrrrrrrr – Pheeen “, and they will be like “Oh God, what is this guy doing in our loo” – and if i do this very exercise in a public toilet at any shopping mall. art gallery, Restoration or hotel when i will emerge out of the toilet every one will be looking at me in disbelieve – So i cant actually blow my own nose anywhere but only at my own home – anyways blowing up anything is not quite safe as even a balloon’s pop in public causes a real a panic …. And then there are these silly things coming out of my nose which make me loose my appetite for a good two hours at least.

I also cant smell anything, i don’t even know if i stink or not, and if i would ask my parents whether i stink or not they will always say “No not at all” – even if i were a skunk my parents would have said, “baby you don’t stink like us at all, you smell sweet actually” .. so there is really no point asking them this question so i am actually using a lot of Deodorants –

my cold has other effects too – I cant concentrate on what i am reading because after reading just a few paragraphs i get watery eyes and a bit of a headache after which each time i start with a new line i realize i have actually jumped a whole paragraph and now i am on the same line i was 2 minutes back- Now if i continue reading in this state i would be on the title page in less then 20 minutes.. 😦

i am also getting a bit absent minded lately, i dont know if it is the medicines, the cold or just signs of me getting old – today morning i sent the whole pot of sugar instead of just my coffee mug to the microwave – we now have a solid one kilogram lump of sugar and i dont have a clue how to get it out of that sugar pot. I have also frozen my cellphone, microwaved a spoon and tried to enter a stranger’s car at the parking lot, and i don’t know what i might be doing next.

and now my paracetamol is wearing off, and i don’t want to have another one so i will quickly end this post just now, let me hit this publish button and i will drag my self to bed with my Eye-Pod in my ears.

WhAt ThE cOLd dID 2 mE :(