Yay ahsaas-e- mahroomi, jo maree ragoon may hai, rooh mai paywast hai, bohat kuch deya hai is nay mughay, himmat jeenay ke, qwaat-e-bardasht her gham, takleef, dukh ko sehnay kee – aik hiss jazbatoon ke qadar kernay kee – nazar Zindage ke bareekeon aur khoobsurteon ko parakhnay ke aur samagh nay ke, aur himmat Ansoon ko pee ker, chehray per gham kay her nishan ko mita daynay ke.

Bohat Azeez hai mughay yeah ahsaas-e-mahroome; jo agar qismat say kabhi bichara bhee tou, choor jaeey ga apnay nishan is rooh pay, hamaysha kay leyah.


The Black & White Chaos.

Every morning the newspaper arrives with a new set of news, headlines, and statements clustered in black over white.

News of violence, death, killings, bomb blasts. Why cant we control these elements, where is the police, where is the law, when will it all end and the question that haunts the most what’s next.

another set of news in the folds of the newspapers freshly printed newspaper of price hike, increasing pollution, SMS monitoring, new censorship being imposed in the name of religion, new taxes. How will we be able to adjust to our household budget with our monthly income, should be careful what we do on the internet, we shouldn’t take that name, no jokes about the man, careful what sms you send to your friends.

yet another set of news, headlined in bold letters, to weigh equal, actually heavier on the rest of the news, of new promises, vows of better a better tomorrow, more bridges, better high-rise plazas, so and so high-level deal, and along all these news our politicians, and the same policy makers mudslinging each other, criticizing what has been done, and what ever so little being planed.

In all this mind shattering chaos how can one expect a society to flourish, to think and see the bigger picture, when with every mornings news paper, with every breaking news and with every news bulletin, their minds are numbed with an issue or the other. how do we expect them to think of others, the society or the nation.

Despite all the odds some of the brave citizen hold vigils, write articles, and blogs for the better of the society , facing the opposition from the public, also often from the government too. but they are only there to make some sense out of this random noise, sorting the tangled knots, talking some sense into the policy makers and into the people, showing them a bigger picture, without any violence, without imposing their thoughts, just by the prove of logic its self. they are doing the dirty job, to keep the society and it’s integrity in place.

The Black & White Chaos.

Know Your Territory To Remain In-Charge.

Facebook, twitter and other social platforms are incredible tools to manage our social contacts and keep us involved and in touch with our friends, family and the social causes we care for, it can help extent your support to causes, involve in discussions and extend help and make a difference regardless of the constrains of political boundaries, and distances. It can also help you promote your self, your commercial services or help you vent out your thoughts and concerns.

It all seems fun , and game for some who are still no familiar to this whole whole new world of the new generation internet, but infect it is a serious business specially if you are a women and worst if you are even somewhat popular or known.

A few days back a friend of mine, who is a TV celebrity joint one of the social joint facebook, and since she was new in the game, she thought she could add all of her fans to the page. this is when the trouble started, first there was obscene martial posted on her profile, ( which actually is a seriously punishable crime if taken to the courts ) and later a number of her fake accounts started to appear on the web-sphere. another TV celebrity i know too faced the same sort of issues, her fake Ids tried to fool people she knew into adding her. I have known some cases where their pictures were taken off from their personal accounts and were published under with offensive remarks.

but the victims are not just TV celebrities. a number of groups take pictures of girls from several websites and post them on their own sites with obscene stories , remarks and content.

so how to avoid being a victim of such crime ? now if you are thinking it is best to stay off the internet that too would be a bad idea, because today in this age of technology getting a picture of yours would not be a problem. even someone at a restaurant may be clicking at you completely unnoticed to later put your images somewhere out there.

so the best way to survive and avoid being a victim is to first be active on the internet, know your territory well and include only the people you trust into your network. Keep the your photos locked and visible only to the people you know, who are on your friend list. keep the photos coming, don’t hold your photos from appearing on your profile but make sure the images you put there are publicly displayable, avoid putting up any privet photos on your profiles. Have plenty of pictures so people know who you are, and if someone missuses them they can come and report the issue to you and you can then at least announce it on your profile that your photo is being miss used.

most impotently never give out teh location of your house, your workplace on the internet or on your profile. always make sure you know people you included in your friend circle, confirm them via email or if he/she has a common friends ask those friends if they really know this person before adding them too your profile.

Don’t talk to strangers, don’t entertain them don’t let them walk into your house, that is what we were taught when we were kids, the same rules apply to your life on the internet. verify every person, his/her organization, her/his creditability, before you add them to your friends. Your profile is your space, if anyone is being rude to you don’t think twice, just click the remove button and keep him off your grounds.

Running away or quitting a social network and staying away from the internet will only keep the criminals active only you wouldn’t know of it, but if you are there on the ground you can fight and counter their attacks and stay in safe waters.

in short just don’t quit, face them and fight, and remember they really don’t stand much of a chance unless you give them one.

Know Your Territory To Remain In-Charge.

Change !

This is not the first time someone asked me that being a feminist, social rights activist what changes I or other activists have brought to the society, this time it was my niece previously my cousin, a few friends and relatives too have asked the same thing. The question was getting more and more popular so i thought it must be addressed through my blog.

Change, when we say this word, a picture in our mind emerges of a new day when every thing will seem to have been solved. Well change is not a flip of a button it takes time, its a process it takes time and to counter the change and keep the balance a negative force too is always at work. so a perfect world may not ever exits. while we will struggle to solve a the current issues and the negative forces will keep busy making things difficult for us, once these issues are solved new will arise and the struggle will continue.

In this struggle people exist in the center of these bipolar dynamics, they seem to be neutral but they do favor one side or the other, the struggle of life is about choosing which side do you favor. Do you chose to turn a blind eye to the good and evil and seek a position of your convenience or do you see the bigger truth and sacrifice you comfort for humanity, for every life Allah has created, to respect the living being who share the planet with us.

Change, is an on going process, today we have this society because someone thought of a change, today these young women are studying, practicing medicine, law, and are there hand in hand in all sorts of profession because yesterday someone had thought of a change. Today the oppression women face is of a different kind, the challenges are different, yes the oppression, social pressure, discrimination women face today is absolutely horrifying, but we are thinking to change it so our daughters, sisters mothers can breath freely with equal rights, we are struggling today to make our dreams come true tomorrow.

I for one don’t expect people to understand, I am a dreamer who dreams of a better future, I am a warrior who has wowed to battle evil, I don’t expect mare mortals too judge me , understand me or respect me for what i do, but if they will try to deter me from my path they must know that my fight is not for my sake it is for humanity so ” I ” exists no where in this battle.

Change !

Feminist Tech Exchange Pk. Not Just an Amazing Experience, But More.

I packed up for Islamabad, and boarded the plane. Sleep deprived exhausted, because i had been literally on my toes a night before, i did nothing but sleep. The other day was teh first day of the workshop. I checked in at the Marriott hotel, and walked into the Feminist Tech Exchange work shop and after which the world took such a different shape that it would be really hard to discribe it correctly in words.

The ugly realities of life piercing you, ripping one’s inside out showing the scars the distractions, watching your loved ones in pain, and dying a little bit from inside with each painful cry, and living a bit more, lighting up another fire of revolt, against the unjust, hoping not another soul would ever fall into that pit of haunt and darkness. Their scares mine, mine because i cared, and felt the suffering with a tinge of pride that they are at a fight and have come out strong and victorious.

Collecting sorrows and tears bu the day and drowning them in loud laughters by night, was a strange ritual which kept us going. and to drown the silence that pierced through the soul and mind, i had to take favors from the music in my iPod to get me to sleep.

by the end of the fourth day, thee pain, haunt, the demons all of mine and of other were a part of my soul and the person i am. I felt i was a bit more bitter, more ridged more bent towards left, but to be really truthful a bit more aggressive towards my cause, and more softer, and loving towards humanity. by the end of the workshop i was left more determined to fight more aggressively with more force, for the my rights , the rights of other and the rights of the oppressed .

It was said to be a digital story telling workshop, but it was far more then that, far more then can be explained in words, and as complexed as life with all it’s worthy details.
Thank you FTX [ http://ftx.apcwomen.org/ ] for this unforgettable experience. 🙂

Feminist Tech Exchange Pk. Not Just an Amazing Experience, But More.

To Hurt is a Crime

At times when I search for images of female celebrities online and I come across a collection of poorly taken photographs tagged with filthy words like Nip Slip, up skirt, down blouse, oops, boobs, wardrobe malfunction…… etc. I feel really uneasy, sad and also very angry, all at the same time. I am a photographer my self but I have never considered being such a paparazzi who would go on a hunt for a chance to humiliate, disgrace or insult the very celebrity who works hard to keep us and our family entertained. And I am surprised that even the people who visit such sites and comment on such pictures or videos don’t leave a single chance insulting the victims. Yes I think in this case the celebrities we pin under headlines are actually victims and I am sure it hurts them more then anything when their fans, or people the perform for return their hard work with such offending attitude.

And NO it’s not just nudity we are talking about, I have seen pictures of Lindsay Lohan crying when she lost her personal belongings, I mean for heaven’s sake, how could a human take advantage of someone’s misery and then have the guts to poke fun of it ! And why are such victims only women?

As disappointing as it may sound this crime is spread evenly all around the words. We had our local victim Meera who does not know English but was forced to host an English show, and while she was struggling off camera trying to get the lines in the script right her struggle was put online over the internet and letter was even aired on another TV channel. I have other examples too of privet pictures of some female performers being made public, but I rather not discuss that.

But what surprises me more then another thing is the fact that this trend is hardly ever apposed, maybe because the victims here are mostly women, and men just don’t think of them as anything more then sex dummy or am I over reacting ? But then how can we take pleasure in hurting someone , Anyone and not call it a crime ?

To Hurt is a Crime

A Word Vomit

Was it since twitter Or maybe since I evolved into this impulsive clicker who wouldn’t feel comfortable before he has taken over a 100 pictures at every event he shows up ? I don’t know, but I have been really divided during these past few months. I wanted to write something but there was this shoot to get over with and once I was done with that the topic I was planning to write about was gone. It was shattering so I decided, I decided to give my impulsive clicks a break. Not that I am not going to take pictures at events but I will try to hold my clicks a little and will try to get into writing regularly again

But then I am again on Montelukast sodium, which means the drug will drag me again into that pit of depression and loneliness but this time I have decided not to give in without a fight, so I might just be laughing out loud like crazies but I will refuse to go into that depressed mood at least I will try not to.

I know this is the most silly blog post here on my blog, I wish it would have been silly enough to make you laugh but it sadly if would fail at that too but since this is my shout box I have all rights to shout a silly word vomit here and where else would I get a chance to do so ….

A Word Vomit