A Word Vomit

Was it since twitter Or maybe since I evolved into this impulsive clicker who wouldn’t feel comfortable before he has taken over a 100 pictures at every event he shows up ? I don’t know, but I have been really divided during these past few months. I wanted to write something but there was this shoot to get over with and once I was done with that the topic I was planning to write about was gone. It was shattering so I decided, I decided to give my impulsive clicks a break. Not that I am not going to take pictures at events but I will try to hold my clicks a little and will try to get into writing regularly again

But then I am again on Montelukast sodium, which means the drug will drag me again into that pit of depression and loneliness but this time I have decided not to give in without a fight, so I might just be laughing out loud like crazies but I will refuse to go into that depressed mood at least I will try not to.

I know this is the most silly blog post here on my blog, I wish it would have been silly enough to make you laugh but it sadly if would fail at that too but since this is my shout box I have all rights to shout a silly word vomit here and where else would I get a chance to do so ….

A Word Vomit

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