To Hurt is a Crime

At times when I search for images of female celebrities online and I come across a collection of poorly taken photographs tagged with filthy words like Nip Slip, up skirt, down blouse, oops, boobs, wardrobe malfunction…… etc. I feel really uneasy, sad and also very angry, all at the same time. I am a photographer my self but I have never considered being such a paparazzi who would go on a hunt for a chance to humiliate, disgrace or insult the very celebrity who works hard to keep us and our family entertained. And I am surprised that even the people who visit such sites and comment on such pictures or videos don’t leave a single chance insulting the victims. Yes I think in this case the celebrities we pin under headlines are actually victims and I am sure it hurts them more then anything when their fans, or people the perform for return their hard work with such offending attitude.

And NO it’s not just nudity we are talking about, I have seen pictures of Lindsay Lohan crying when she lost her personal belongings, I mean for heaven’s sake, how could a human take advantage of someone’s misery and then have the guts to poke fun of it ! And why are such victims only women?

As disappointing as it may sound this crime is spread evenly all around the words. We had our local victim Meera who does not know English but was forced to host an English show, and while she was struggling off camera trying to get the lines in the script right her struggle was put online over the internet and letter was even aired on another TV channel. I have other examples too of privet pictures of some female performers being made public, but I rather not discuss that.

But what surprises me more then another thing is the fact that this trend is hardly ever apposed, maybe because the victims here are mostly women, and men just don’t think of them as anything more then sex dummy or am I over reacting ? But then how can we take pleasure in hurting someone , Anyone and not call it a crime ?

To Hurt is a Crime

2 thoughts on “To Hurt is a Crime

  1. Sadly we take pleasure in poking fun at other people’s misery.. its part of the entertainment. Also yes women end up becoming an object of ridicule as their “exposure” becomes attraction for men. And men in who enjoy this are usually people who have no respect for women in their lives ..

  2. ibrahim hashmi says:

    good observation..the thing is we hv lost our human attitude,we feel happy and proud and boast around by tagging such comments…its jst another example of inhumane attitude we show towards other human being,not only female gender…w have no respect for others,we have double standards…but there is always hope…we can do things well and set a new trend..of humanity,atleast…

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