Feminist Tech Exchange Pk. Not Just an Amazing Experience, But More.

I packed up for Islamabad, and boarded the plane. Sleep deprived exhausted, because i had been literally on my toes a night before, i did nothing but sleep. The other day was teh first day of the workshop. I checked in at the Marriott hotel, and walked into the Feminist Tech Exchange work shop and after which the world took such a different shape that it would be really hard to discribe it correctly in words.

The ugly realities of life piercing you, ripping one’s inside out showing the scars the distractions, watching your loved ones in pain, and dying a little bit from inside with each painful cry, and living a bit more, lighting up another fire of revolt, against the unjust, hoping not another soul would ever fall into that pit of haunt and darkness. Their scares mine, mine because i cared, and felt the suffering with a tinge of pride that they are at a fight and have come out strong and victorious.

Collecting sorrows and tears bu the day and drowning them in loud laughters by night, was a strange ritual which kept us going. and to drown the silence that pierced through the soul and mind, i had to take favors from the music in my iPod to get me to sleep.

by the end of the fourth day, thee pain, haunt, the demons all of mine and of other were a part of my soul and the person i am. I felt i was a bit more bitter, more ridged more bent towards left, but to be really truthful a bit more aggressive towards my cause, and more softer, and loving towards humanity. by the end of the workshop i was left more determined to fight more aggressively with more force, for the my rights , the rights of other and the rights of the oppressed .

It was said to be a digital story telling workshop, but it was far more then that, far more then can be explained in words, and as complexed as life with all it’s worthy details.
Thank you FTX [ http://ftx.apcwomen.org/ ] for this unforgettable experience. 🙂

Feminist Tech Exchange Pk. Not Just an Amazing Experience, But More.

6 thoughts on “Feminist Tech Exchange Pk. Not Just an Amazing Experience, But More.

  1. Shows your sensitivity and your commitment to the cause of human rights. Thanks Jamal for your empathy, for your support to all the participants and for the lovely photographs that will serve as a memory of the FTX experience.

  2. thank you both of you,

    Actually we have many men who think like me, although the ones i know are much older, so the younger ones must also exist. All i struggle and wish for is a better society for the coming generations and humanity.

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