Change !

This is not the first time someone asked me that being a feminist, social rights activist what changes I or other activists have brought to the society, this time it was my niece previously my cousin, a few friends and relatives too have asked the same thing. The question was getting more and more popular so i thought it must be addressed through my blog.

Change, when we say this word, a picture in our mind emerges of a new day when every thing will seem to have been solved. Well change is not a flip of a button it takes time, its a process it takes time and to counter the change and keep the balance a negative force too is always at work. so a perfect world may not ever exits. while we will struggle to solve a the current issues and the negative forces will keep busy making things difficult for us, once these issues are solved new will arise and the struggle will continue.

In this struggle people exist in the center of these bipolar dynamics, they seem to be neutral but they do favor one side or the other, the struggle of life is about choosing which side do you favor. Do you chose to turn a blind eye to the good and evil and seek a position of your convenience or do you see the bigger truth and sacrifice you comfort for humanity, for every life Allah has created, to respect the living being who share the planet with us.

Change, is an on going process, today we have this society because someone thought of a change, today these young women are studying, practicing medicine, law, and are there hand in hand in all sorts of profession because yesterday someone had thought of a change. Today the oppression women face is of a different kind, the challenges are different, yes the oppression, social pressure, discrimination women face today is absolutely horrifying, but we are thinking to change it so our daughters, sisters mothers can breath freely with equal rights, we are struggling today to make our dreams come true tomorrow.

I for one don’t expect people to understand, I am a dreamer who dreams of a better future, I am a warrior who has wowed to battle evil, I don’t expect mare mortals too judge me , understand me or respect me for what i do, but if they will try to deter me from my path they must know that my fight is not for my sake it is for humanity so ” I ” exists no where in this battle.

Change !

3 thoughts on “Change !

  1. Brilliant! You might have heard me saying at times that what good have NGOs done for Women Rights when even today women are being tortured and raped and killed….when even today it’s difficult for them to go out alone….but just sometime ago I realized I’m not quite right. It is because of the same NGOs that today a lot of women study, work and people like us are vocal about human rights and others are ready to listen – it’s because of these NGOs that today people are tolerant enough to at least listen. So, Change has happened even though it may seem it hasn’t! and this Change will continue…

  2. Integral part of change is also an action. Believe me, everyone would think about change but when it is actually happening people would resist and chicken out. Many would just think about it but won’t take initiative how small it would be. Irony!

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