The Black & White Chaos.

Every morning the newspaper arrives with a new set of news, headlines, and statements clustered in black over white.

News of violence, death, killings, bomb blasts. Why cant we control these elements, where is the police, where is the law, when will it all end and the question that haunts the most what’s next.

another set of news in the folds of the newspapers freshly printed newspaper of price hike, increasing pollution, SMS monitoring, new censorship being imposed in the name of religion, new taxes. How will we be able to adjust to our household budget with our monthly income, should be careful what we do on the internet, we shouldn’t take that name, no jokes about the man, careful what sms you send to your friends.

yet another set of news, headlined in bold letters, to weigh equal, actually heavier on the rest of the news, of new promises, vows of better a better tomorrow, more bridges, better high-rise plazas, so and so high-level deal, and along all these news our politicians, and the same policy makers mudslinging each other, criticizing what has been done, and what ever so little being planed.

In all this mind shattering chaos how can one expect a society to flourish, to think and see the bigger picture, when with every mornings news paper, with every breaking news and with every news bulletin, their minds are numbed with an issue or the other. how do we expect them to think of others, the society or the nation.

Despite all the odds some of the brave citizen hold vigils, write articles, and blogs for the better of the society , facing the opposition from the public, also often from the government too. but they are only there to make some sense out of this random noise, sorting the tangled knots, talking some sense into the policy makers and into the people, showing them a bigger picture, without any violence, without imposing their thoughts, just by the prove of logic its self. they are doing the dirty job, to keep the society and it’s integrity in place.

The Black & White Chaos.

3 thoughts on “The Black & White Chaos.

  1. To be honest, vigil and blogs are just starting point. They give you clarity but wouldn’t bring much change. It is when civil society either build their institutions or work in such institutions, we will see a change.

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