Where Is My Silver Lining ?

The newspaper every single day is dotted with news of crime, of people selling catfood as a soup to kids, women being burnt, abused, degrees of ministers and parliamentarian turning out to be fake, new laws taking away the freedom of expression and and to chose, away from the common citizen.
The price hike continues on electricity tariff, fuel, food education and medicine  and to make it all to  worst there are job cuts and not to mention the collapsing state of law and order through out the country. For a common man,, it is getting more and more difficult to survive, starting a new small business requires a lot of money, even a pushcart vendor has to pay several illegal taxes to the power holders of his area to keep the cart rolling on the roads, and also he needs to protect his earning by the end of the day from thieves and criminals, only than would he be able to provide his family with food enough to keep them alive for a day or at the most two.

In a city like Karachi no shop keeper car keep his business running without giving regular donations to the people of one political party or several. he cant still avoid being robbed of his hard earned money every now and than, and he cant often report it to the police because that would only add to his troubles rather than solving them.

The women in the society are mostly educated and trained to remain confined to the bounds of the four walls built by her parents, or later in life by her husband. a very small percentage of them who work are not paid as much as their male counterparts, they face discrimination, it is much difficult for them to commute in a public transport, they often face sexual harassment in public at times also at their workplace, they fight against all the odds on a daily bases and yet they don’t often get the respect they deserve in the society,   

it is utterly depressing and frustrating, but how does a common person would vent out ? take There family to a beach, or to a park a park which just looks like the other one they visited last month, and the beach where they cant even afford to buy a cup of tea for the whole family ? Many be shrines, of the great Allah Walah’s, the Godly saints who preached the message of love, harmony and humanity, all their lives. Where poor get the same respect as a rich would, and there is free food for everyone ! but not anymore, because these shrines too are not not very safe anymore.

People raised with The slogan “Go Musharraf Go ! ”  in hope for a better tomorrow, but the next sunrise was still for their worst, They raised hell for a Free Judiciary, but justice is still way too expensive for them to afford.  Their hopes rise with every new ruler who comes to rule the country but every new dawn brings even more new reasons to be more hopeless than they were yesterday.

They say every cloud has a silver lining, but for us the saying seems to be just another myth.

Where Is My Silver Lining ?

2 thoughts on “Where Is My Silver Lining ?

  1. Again the problem is we don’t know of education standards and won’t invest much in it. We will scream about religion but won’t understand it. We always expect from others but we haven’t worked for solution by ourselves and through civil society initiatives. Drawing room discussions won’t help after a point 😦

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