A lethal potion in the making.

Religious extremism and intolerance is alarmingly getting worst by the day creeping closer into our lives. It was in May this year when the country saw the worst example of religious extremism when the Admadies were attacked leaving over 86 members of their community dead and over a hundred injured. Then Only a couple of months back when facebook was banned, a press conference opposing the ban almost got turned into a riot when a few journalist lost their cool and pounced to conclusions with out having the patience to listen to what the speakers had to say, regardless of the fact the people holding the press conference too were Muslims and were continuously condemning the controversial competition. And than later a ban on Google, Yahoo, MSN, YouTube some other websites was proposed on religious grounds, only because these are search engines, and throw back results of what ever one searches without asking what their religion is but thankfully it was never implemented or even I wouldn’t have been here writing this blog.

But lets not go too far back in time, also because much has already been discussed about these issues both over blogs and main stream media so lets come to this incident which took place hardly a few days back. This shocking news appeared printed black on the face of the newspapers across the country. Over 60 Hindu men and women were forced to leave their homes and take refuge in a cattle pen only because a boy from their community had made the mistake of drinking from the water cooler placed outside a mosque.

The attack was carried out by over 150 tribesmen, a group of religious extremists, who not only attacked the boy’s family but the whole community, leaving several injured, forcing them the flee their homes. And continue to threaten another 400 families to leave the area .

Now I don’t understand where in Islam is it actually said that non believers cant drink from a Mosque. Or if they do drink from one, their whole clan should be punished for this act. But why did no one speak up ? Why no voices were raised against this inhuman treatment ? Why were there no protests on the roads ? Is it because they are just the minorities we were dealing with, and we somewhere somehow think and believe that what ever wrong we Muslims are doing to them is what they actually deserve.

But the ciaos does not end here. Because it was just today’s newspaper which was dotted with yet another news, an exchange of fire between two religious (Muslim) groups, which took place in a mosque in Jubliee area of Karachi, the clash left sex people wounded it was only a miracle that no one was killed .

But we have seen worst of such clashes in the past too, but what worries me is the fact that now such clashes, and the disagreements are not only getting way to common but also are no more limited to a few followers or a certain group, but have spread into common peoples lives. Each time I discussed the attack on Ahmadies to common non religious people I was given arguments at leastt slightly favoring the terrorists, each time I discussed the ban on facebook I felt people even didn’t knew half the fact but they were still in the favor of the ban, and each time I discuss the increasing number of attacks on non Muslims, I hardly get many siding with the minorities.

One Muslim preacher is calling the others Kafir, and the other declaring the same for all the rest, hatred blaring out of the loudspeaker of Mosques for non believers, and for those belonging to different sects of Islam. This years and years of poisoning has added much intolerance in our society not just against the non Muslims but also against those, who believe in the same Religion as Islam but with slightly different viewpoints.

I hope we realize that this years of poisoning and fueling of religious extremism and intolerance added with catalysts like drop in the quality of education, rescission, job cuts, poverty and frustration is sure to stir up one lethal portion unless immediately taken notice of.

A lethal potion in the making.

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