Wake-up! Rise To Stop VAW.

Nine days have passed since the news of a sexual assaulted nurse falling out of one of the balcony of the JPMC, in Karachi was blasted all over the news channels with bright red news alert headlines.

On the first day of the incident the news channels were so hyped-up that ignoring the basic ethics of journalism they ran the video footage on the loop every second of the minute showing the victims face, and clearly identifying her, so much that her face and name would actually be engraved in the minds of every other person watching the news channel at the time across the country.

The news held the top headline position for at least three days, yet the main accused who was only slightly injured in the incident, although in police custody was given a VIP medical treatment in a privet hospital while the poor nurse, was kept in the same facility where she was gang raped, in the ICU battling for her life. The fact that the accomplices of the rapist worked in the same hospital, and may have me waiting right outside the ICU unit, or they could the very doctor now treating her was completely ignored.

It was only that the luck decided to side with the victim this time and she regained consciousness. Her family told the news reporters that they are under pleasure and being threatened by the culprits. The state of security and protection provided to the victim is still not clear. The other culprits and their accomplices are still at large while the news has now gone to the back pages of the newspaper.

WAR yesterday in an official statement here, has placed some much needed demands for the government and policy makers to consider. Also there is a need to realize the extend of the situation, as rightly pointed out in a blog here that the victim had been complaining of harassment against her to the department but everyone turned a deaf ear to it. It was only until the vicious doctor and his friends actually gang raped her and threw her out of the balcony that the incident attracted news channels undivided attention and the news become headlines otherwise this too may have been one of the hundreds of rape cases which never get reported and go unheard of in this busy metropolis of Pakistan, and around of the country.

A recently issued report by Aurat foundation shows 13% rise in the cases of Violence Against Women. The total number of such reported cases in the year 2009 are 8,548, where Punjab tops the list and Sindh is reported second to follow, considering the fact that such crimes are hardly ever reported the actual figures must be very high. It is the high time for us to wake up and rise stop VAW, because If today our policy makers fail to device proper laws and effectively implement them to curb Violence Against Women I dread to even imagine the kind of violence and oppression the women of our society will be faced with in the near future.

Wake-up! Rise To Stop VAW.

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