Mullah On the Eid

It was right after Eid Namaz and Khutba that the Mullah in the mosque near our place started Dua, asking Allah for forgiveness health and what so ever on behalf of the people present at the congregation. As usual i said Aameen to a few requests he made on out behalf to Allah, and than i started saying my own set or prayers, for family friends and who ever i could remember at the moment, but i ended Sooner as probably the Molve Sahib had more to ask from God, at least more than i expected from him. A few sentences later he blared out of the Loud speaker “May God show our women the right path to piousness, may accept / assume Purdah (veil).”

I was absolutely raged at this very Dua, Why on earth he assumed that women of our society are not pious modest, and who is he to pray for their modesty ? and how could he said “our women” ? what on earth made him think women are his property and it is hid duty to make them “modest”, “pious” ? Was he even thinking when he said those words ? and why on earth he didn’t say that may Allah make our men pious enough that they respect other women like their own sisters and mothers ?

At the point i was totally raged, I stood up and walked right out of the mosque, Now i wish i would have stood up and protested right there! But then i may have not been alive right now to write this post, maybe.

Mullah On the Eid

10 thoughts on “Mullah On the Eid

  1. I can’t say anything much cuz I can’t, I guess the best way to make a difference is that we educate the ones who we meet in our daily lives about treating the opposite sex with respect.

  2. Arshad Kamal Sethi says:

    dear brother Jamal,

    I don not agree with you. You totally misunderstood what Mullah said. Please try to read books and importance of paradah in society. You must get complete understanding of Islam first then comment on pardah. This is a very serious matter and basis of most of the bad things in our society.

    Please read books on it and get more knowledge.. Apnay apk ko gunahgar karney ka kia fayeda,, jab apko Deen ki complete knowledge hi nahi..

    Thanks n rgds

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